AutoFlight's eVTOL completes historic test flight in Shanghai

english.shanghai.gov.cn Updated:2024-05-20


AutoFlight's cargo-carrying eVTOL completes licensed flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. [Photo/AutoFlight]

AutoFlight, a Shanghai-based aviation technology firm, has recently conducted a successful test flight of its two-ton electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the V2000CG CarryAll, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, showcasing its potential as a key solution for advanced urban air mobility.

This flight, the first of its kind at a 4F airport, the highest classification capable of accommodating all large aircraft, marks a significant stride in China's low-altitude economic development.

Prior to this groundbreaking test flight, the V2000CG underwent rigorous testing at various locations, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in different settings, from self-built sites to general aviation airports and transport airports.

The eVTOL aircraft offers a promising solution for urban point-to-point logistics and air travel, boasting features such as flexible takeoff and landing capabilities, zero-carbon emissions, quiet operation, and passenger comfort.

Experts suggest that in megacities such as Shanghai, eVTOLs could greatly enhance transportation efficiency. For instance, a trip from Pudong International Airport to The Bund could be reduced to only 10 minutes, cutting over 50 minutes of typical ground travel time and alleviating traffic congestion.

In March, the V2000CG received its type certificate (TC) from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), making it the world’s first ton-class eVTOL to achieve this certification.

Additionally, AutoFlight is now progressing with the certification process for the passenger version of the eVTOL, with the CAAC conducting airworthiness evaluations.


Source: Shanghai Observer