French expat impressed with dynamic Pudong

english.pudong.gov.cn Updated:2023-03-31


Nathaniel Vatimbella, a French expat, has been living and working in Pudong for more than four years. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]

Nathaniel Vatimbella, a French expat, has lived and worked in Pudong for more than four years. In his eyes, Pudong is very developed and full of vitality, and the place constantly changes.

Vatimbella now works at SIC Marking in the Shanghai Jinqiao Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Pudong, which was founded in 2008 and provides professional marking equipment. Over the years, SIC Marking has been committed to providing permanent marking and complete traceability solutions for industrial products and their components.

Vatimbella works as an export salesman, and is responsible for the company's sales business in the Asia-Pacific region. He said that his work is very challenging and has lots of fun, and he can meet clients from different countries. His company has witnessed a growing sales volume in recent years.

"If I can only use one word to describe Pudong, I think it is 'developed'," said Vatimbella. He added that after he came to Pudong, he has witnessed great changes. Many new office buildings and shopping malls have been built and there have been a lot of new enterprises choosing to invest in Jinqiao. These high-tech companies have injected new vitality into Pudong's development.

Pudong also provides sports lovers with venues designed particularly for fitness, sports and innovative lifestyles. Vatimbella often rides his bike along the Binjiang Avenue along the Huangpu River. Along the 22-kilometer riverside, there are bike paths and running tracks the entire way.

"I like Pudong very much, and it has changed all the time. It is a lively place and makes me feel comfortable. My wife and I hope to live here in the future," said Vatimbella.