Sheila Jara: BRI brings tangible benefits to Ecuador

english.pudong.gov.cn Updated:2022-09-30

"Recently, Sinopharm and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health successfully signed and executed two major projects, bringing new equipment and technology to Ecuador, and provided better medical services to the Ecuadorian people," said Sheila Jara, business manager of China Sinopharm International Corporation Ecuador Branch.

Jara joined Sinopharm in 2016, and she said that the experience working at Sinopharm has changed her life.

"Now I'm more open-minded and competitive than I used to be. I try to master more new skills and knowledge, and my Chinese colleagues have given me so much care and support, which have helped me discover my potential," Jara said.

She added that Ecuador's development in health care used to be relatively slow. Since Sinopharm established its Ecuador branch, the country has achieved great progress in the medical and health care sector, which has brought tangible benefits to the public. The projects Sinopharm launched in the country have created a large number of jobs in Ecuador, and also positively impacted the economic development of the country.

"Chinese enterprises have won a good reputation in my country. They have launched a wide range of projects and offered many job opportunities to Ecuador, especially Sinopharm, which is second to none in the medical and health care sector in my country," Jara said.

"After joining Sinopharm, my longing for China has become stronger and stronger. Chinese history and culture have made me gasp with admiration, and I've been looking forward to visiting China one day," according to Jara.


Sheila Jara, business manager of the China Sinopharm International Corporation Ecuador Branch, looks forward to visiting China one day. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]