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Waigaoqiao Global Hub to host Silk Road Wine Festival Updated: 2024-05-15


The Silk Road Wine Festival offers a stage to showcase fine wines and diverse cultures. [Photo/WeChat ID: waigaoqiaowindows]

The Silk Road Wine Festival will soon open at the Global Hub in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone as part of Shanghai's shopping festival for imported goods.

This is according to an announcement made at the launch ceremony of the 2024 Shanghai Imported Goods Shopping Festival and the "Hongqiao GO" shopping bonanza event.

The launch ceremony featured wine tastings, short video presentations on wine knowledge, and interactive activities like guessing games, allowing consumers to fully appreciate wines from various countries, as well as the historical stories behind them.

According to the organizers, the Silk Road Wine Festival will showcase fine wines from China and countries along the Silk Road. This includes countries such as Mongolia, Georgia and Italy. Attendees can expect to see wine-themed activities, professional courses, and interactive consumer experiences at the event.