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Golden Bridge Group constructs zero-carbon park Updated: 2023-08-11

The construction of the Jinwan Chuangyi Daoke project by Golden Bridge Group is now in the stage of optimizing concepts and design.

Slated to become Shanghai's first zero-carbon park, the 21,000-square-meter project is located in the core area of Jinwan and will be developed into a leading, future-oriented biopharmaceutical industrial base.

"We plan to develop the Jinwan Chuangyi Daoke project into a model for green building development, and will use artificial intelligence and intelligent building technology to reduce carbon emissions and ensure that the design, construction and operation phases are sustainable," said Cao Qifan, the project's technology director.

Golden Bridge Group will leverage the advantages of its urban operating supply system to establish a group green low-carbon support service network. This provides clients with a one-stop green service solution that empowers urban operations.

In additional, Golden Bridge Group will accelerate the formation of green schools, accelerate the establishment of green communities, and help enterprises in the park to adopt disruptive technologies. 

The group will also nurture energy-saving, carbon-reducing and renewable energy research institutions, key laboratories, and green technology innovation centers to perfect the green, low-carbon ecological system.

For the next phase, Golden Bridge Group will incorporate the concept of carbon neutrality into the entire lifecycle of future planning, construction, and management of the park.