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Shanghai International Resort Area

english.pudong.gov.cn Updated:2023-09-05


The Shanghai International Resort Area is located in central Pudong New Area. [Photo/pudong.gov.cn]

Located in central Pudong New Area, the Shanghai International Resort Area spans 24.7 square kilometers and consisting of a core area and a hospitality area.

Core area (7 sq km): The Shanghai Disney Resort is located in the core area. Phase 1 of Shanghai Disney Resort covers 3.9 sq km.

Hospitality area (17.7 sq km): The southern part (phase 1) is for retail and entertainment; the northern part is for urban ecological green land; the eastern part is for future development; and the southern part (phase 2) is for future low-density development.

Shanghai International Resort Area has an advantageous geographical location and convenient public transportation. It is located about 14 kilometers from Pudong International Airport, and about 30 km from the Hongqiao Transportation Hub.

Shanghai International Resort Area will focus on the development goal of turning Shanghai into a world-famous tourist city. It will focus on cultivating and developing industries such as themed amusement, tourism and vacations, cultural and creative industries, conference and exhibition, commercial retail, sports and leisure so as to turn Shanghai into a highland for the modern services industry. It will also integrate surrounding tourism resources for coordinated development and build an international tourist resort.


Shanghai International Resort Area is home to Shanghai Disneyland. [Photo/pudong.gov.cn]


Shanghai International Resort Area focuses on the development goal of turning Shanghai into a world-famous tourist city. [Photo/pudong.gov.cn]