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Pudong New Area Library (state district-level first class library)
Pudong New Area Library is a comprehensive public library and one of the important emblems of the cultural buildings in Pudong New Area. The new library is located in No. 88, Qiancheng Road, Pudong New Area, with an area of about 3 hectare, total investment of RMB 85 billion, and total construction area of 60,885 square meters. The library can collect about 2 million books, has 2,500 seats for reading, and is predicted to have 6,000 visits every day. The new library is a pure, simple and grand hexahedron, with two floors above the ground and six floors under the ground, and a height of 36 meters.
Address: No. 88, Qiancheng Road
Nanhui Library (state district-level first class library)
Nanhui Library, with a construction area of 5,000 square meters, collects 280 thousand books. It sets 9 lending rooms and reading halls of different types, 2 research reading rooms with 500 seats, and an education training hall with 160 seats as well.
Address: No. 326, West Renmin Road, Huinan Town
Telephone: 58020245
Nanhui Cultural Center
Nanhui Cultural Center, located in Dongcheng District, Huinan Town, covers a construction area of 9,165 square meters. There are a theater (three halls: big, medium, and small), a books sales hall, an exhibition hall, a multi-function hall, a studio, a rehearsal hall, and many training classrooms for painting and instrumental music.
Address: No. 38, Wenyou Street, Huinan Town
Telephone: 58021149
Nanhui Museum
Nanhui Museum, adopting high-tech means like sound, light and electricity, vividly displays the magnificent ancient civilization of Nanhui. The antiques such as the ancient bells, boats, and bricks for city walls, bring people back to the ancient times. The museum has collected over 3,000 pieces of antiques and displays over 500 pieces.
Address: No. 18, Wenshi Street, Dongcheng District, Huinan Town
Telephone: 58029563
Shanghai Museum of TCM
Shanghai Museum of TCM consists of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University/China Medicine Association Medicine History Museum, Chinese Medicine Specimen Exhibition Hall and University History Exhibition Hall, with a construction area of 6,413 square meters. The Medicine History Museum, founded in July 1938, is China's earliest-built professional Chinese medicine museum with certain scale.
Address: No. 1200, Cailun Road, Zhangjiang
Telephone: 51322712
Shanghai Shuangyong Working Exhibition Hall
Shanghai Shuangyong Working Exhibition Hall, with an area of over 600 square meters, features the theme that the government and the people should support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs, and the army should support the government and cherish the people. It distills the working process in this aspect in Shanghai for the last over half a century and demonstrates the theme that "if the army and the people are united as one, no one in the world can match them".
Address: No. 2601, Pudong Avenue
Telephone: 58719169
Polar Science Museum of Polar Research Institute of China
Polar Science Museum was officially opened on May 12, 1997. It was named the "Science Education Base" by Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 1997 and "National Youth Technology Education Base and National Science Education Base" in 1999. The museum mainly introduces the general situation of polar geography, polar exploration process of China and major achievements. The museum collects over 300 precious photos, 36 polar specimens of 3 varieties, 26 polar exploration equipment of 4 varieties, and 324 souvenirs of 5 varieties.
Address: No. 451, Jinqiao Road
Telephone: 58711901/58713403/58712101
Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum (former Zendai Museum of Modern Art)
Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art is located in the Zendai Thumb Plaza of Pudong, with a construction area of 3,000 square meters and an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters. The modern facilities and academic ideologies make it a new international modern art platform. The museum collects domestic and overseas outstanding artists' works. Its functions include exhibition, research, collection, academic communication, and international artists' studios.
Address: No. 28, Lane 199, Fangdian Road
Telephone: 50339801
Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Museum
Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Museum is a public welfare art institution and is used for holding exhibitions, collecting artworks, popularizing aesthetics education, and promoting cultural and art exchanges. The main building of the museum is in the shape of a cross, with a construction area of 760 square meters. The museum is divided into two floors. The upper floor is the exhibition hall, with an area of 380 square meters and an exhibition length of 70 meters. The lower floor is the coffee bar.
Address: No. 419, Zuchongzhi Road
Telephone: 51345058
Nanhui Intangible Cultural Heritage Item Exhibition Hall
The hall shows the introduction, evolution history, inheritance lineage, and protection situation of 11 items listed in the first batch of state-level, city-level, and district-level protection catalogue and has collected some real objects for exhibition.
Address: No. 38, Wenyou Street, Huinan Town

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