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Super Markets in Shanghai
Shanghai as an international metropolis of course will attract world top supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Tesco and Metro etc. Major super markets stands at he crossing of the road. That is a gold rule to find them easily.

NGS Supermarket
NGS has more than 500 branch stores all over the country, and nearly 300 stores in Shanghai.
As it is so widely spread, you can easily enjoy the convenience that NGS brings to.
NGS Supermarket NGS Supermarket

Tesco in Shanghai
Tesco Zhengning outlet: 2066 Nanjing Road(W)
Tesco Changning outlet: at the crossing of Zhongshan Road(W) and Wuyi Road
Tesco Guangxin outlet: the crossing of Zhongshan Road(N) and Guangxin Road
Tesco Qibao outlet: the crossing of Qixin Road and Xinlong Road
Tesco Shannan outlet: the crossing of Zhaojiabang Road and Shaanxi Road(W)
Tesco Zhenbei outlet: the crossing of Zhenbei Road and Tongchuan Road
Tesco Jinshan outlet: the crossing of Weiqing Road(W) and Mengshan Road
Tesco Songjiang outlet: 935 Songjiang Road
Tesco in Shanghai Tesco in Shanghai

Carrefour in Shanghai
Carrefour Quyang outlet: 560 Quyang Road
Carrefour Nanfang outlet: 7388 Humin Road
Carrefour Gubei outlet: 268 Shuicheng Road(S)
Carrefour Gongjiang outlet: 1168 Gongjiang Road
Carrefour Jinqiao outlet: 279 Biyun Road, Pudong District
Carrefour Wanli outlet: 1500 Xincun Road
Carrefour Wuning outlet: 20 Wuning Road
Carrefour Lianyang outlet: 185 Fangdian Road
Carrefour Zhongshan Gerden outlet: 1-2B, 1018 Changning Road, Changning District
Carrefour Xinlicheng outlet: 2671, Gaoqing Road, Pudong District
Carrefour Qibao outlet: 3655 Qixin Road, Minhang District
Carrefour Baoshan outlet: 1208 Gong Jiang Road, Shanghai
Carrefour in Shanghai Carrefour in Shanghai

Wal-Mart Super Center
Wal-Mart flagship opened in July 28, 2005 in Shanghai is in Pudong New Area.
Wal-Mart Super Center Nan Bridge branch: 1B and 1F, Wal-Mart Super Center Building, 252-262 Linyi Road (N), Pudong New Area
Wal-Mart Super Center Wujiaochang branch: 125 Songhu Road, Yangpu District
Wal-Mart Super Center Jiangqiao branch: 2188 Caoan Road, Jiading District
More Information of Supermarket in Shanghai
Wal-Mart Super Center Wal-Mart Super Center

E-Mart the biggest retailer in South Korea has 8 outlets in Shanghai at present.
E-Mart Mudanjiang branch: 1258 Mudanjiang Road
E-Mart Laoximen branch: 666 Xizang Road(S)
E-Mart Changjiang branch: 2211 Changjiang Road(W)
E-Mart Nanqiao branch: 891-921 Huancheng Road(E), Nanqiao Town, Fengxian Area
E-Mart Ruihong branch: 14, Lane 133, Linping Road
E-Mart Quyang branch: 1F, 800 Jia, Quyang Road
E-Mart Yindu branch: 7, Lane 1388, Lianhua Road(S)
E-Mart Sanlin branch: 3058 Pusan Road
E-Mart E-Mart

Trust-Mart Super Center
Trust-Mart Shangnan branch: 258 Qihe Road, Pudong New Area
Trust-Mart Tianlin branch: 402 Guilin Road, Xuhui District
Trust-Mart Ganquan branch: 18 Pingli Road
Trust-Mart Minhang branch: 131 Minhang Road, Minxing District
Trust-Mart Lingyun branch: 809 Laohumin Road
Trust-Mart Pujiang branch: 436 Lujiabang Road Huangpu District
Trust-Mart Qilian branch: 205 Jufengyuan Road, Baoshan District
Trust-Mart Hongqiao branch: 535 Hongqiao Road(M)
Trust-Mart Huashida branch: 3667 Zhongshan Road(N)
Trust-Mart Super Center Trust-Mart Super Center

Metro have 4 outlets in Shanghai.
Metro Putuo branch: 1425, Zhenbei Road, Putuo District
Metro Minhang branch: 80, Gudai Road, Minhang District
Metro Hongkou branch: 418, Guangyue Road, Hongkou District
Metro Pudong branch: 383 Baiyang road, Hua mu Town, Pudong New Area
Metro Metro

Century Mart
Century Mart Pudong branch: 1211 Shijidadao Road, Pudong New Area
Century Mart Wusong branch: 1234 Shuichan Road, Baoshan Area
Century Mart Tiyuchang branch: 666 Tianshiqiao Road, Cuhui District
Century Mart Changshou branch: 155 Changshou Road, Putuo District
Century Mart Yichuan branch: 60 Yichuan Road, Putuo District
Century Mart Dongbaoxing Road branch: 777 Dongbaoxing Road
Century Mart Qingpu branch: 555 Yinggang Road, Qingpu District
Century Mart Nanhui branch: 388 Chengdong Road, Nanhui District
Century Mart Xianxia branch: 88 Xianxia Road(W), Changning District
Century Mart Tongchuan branch: 60 Tongchuan Road, Putuo District
Century Mart Century Mart

Lianhua Supermarket
Lianhua Supermarkets are widely distributed in each area of Shanghai. Branches distributing by districts are as follows.
Xuhui District:
Fenyang Road, Gumei Road, GuanShengyuan Road, Huihai Road(W), Jianguo Road(W), Old Humin Road, Luoxiu Road, Meilong Road, Nandan Road, Pubei Road, Shangzhong Road, Tianlin Road, Wanping Road(S), Wuxing Road, Yanqing Road, Yixueyuan Road.
Changning Diastrict:
Anhua Road, Anlong Road, Anshun Road, Ronghua Road(E), Hongqiao Road, Huashan Road, Tianshan Road, Wanhangdu Road, Xianxia Road, Xinhua Road, Xingguo Road, Yupin Road(S), Zunxi Road.
Putuo District:
Aomen Road, Baiyu Road, Caoyang Road, Dongxin Road, Hutai Road, Huachi Road, Lanxi Road, Liuqing Road, Nanshiyi Lu, Tongchuan Road, Xinhui Road, Xinshan Road, Yanchang Road(W), Yangliuqing Road, Yichang Road, Zhidan Road, Zhongshan Road(N), Zhongtan Road, Zonglv Road.
Zhabei District:
Gongxing Road, Guangzhong Road(W), Jiangchang Road(W), Linfen Road, Lingshi Road, Liuying Road, Nanshan Road, Pingshun Road, Pingxingguan Road, Pushan Road, Sanquan Road, Yangchang Road(M), Yangqu Road, Yuanping Road, Yuncheng Road, Zhonghua New Road, Zhijiang Road(M), Jinghui Road.
Hongkou District:
Chezhan Road(N), Dalian Road, Dongbaoxing Road, Emei Road, Guangling Er Lu, Guangling Si Lu, Hailun Road, Lingqiu Road, Shuidian Road, Siping Road, Tangshan Road, Zhuzhou Road, Xinshi Road(N), Wenshui Road(E), Sichuan Road(N).
Luwan District:
Jumen Road, Fuxing Road, Shunchang Road, Taikang Road, Yongnian Road, Quxi Road.
Jingan District:
Changde Road, Fumin Road, Julu Road, Kangding Road, Xinzha Road, Yanping Road.
Hualian GMS
HLGMS Xinluda branch: 1988 Huashan Road
HLGMS Pengpu branch: 471 Linfen Road(W)
HLGMS Tongxin branch: Tongxin Road
HLGMS Linxi branch: 140 Linxi Road
HLGMS Kongjiang branch: 1063 Kongjiang Road
HLGMS Daxing branch: 18 Daxing Street
HLGMS Xincun branch: 139 Xinxun Road
HLGMS Xinzhuang branch: Xinzhuang Subway Station
HLGMS Tonghe branch: 531-539 Tonghe Road Baoshan District
RT-Mart Yangpu branch: 1618 Huangxing Road, Yangpu District
RT-Mart Zhabei branch: 3318 Gonghe New Road, Zhabei District
RT-Mart Dahua branch: 1051 Hualin Road(W)
RT-Mart Pengpu branch: the Crossing of Gonghe New Road and Jiangchang Road(W)
RT-Mart Jiubai branch: the Crossing of Hualin Road and Xinhu Road
RT-Mart Songjiang branch: 552-652 Rongle Road(M)
RT-Mart GangAo branch: 1500 Shuiqing Road(S), Minhang District
RT-Mart Chunshen branch:2801 Chunshen Road, Minhang District
RT-Mart Kangqiao branch: 1032-1080 Xiuyan Road, Kangqiao Town
RT-Mart Daning branch: Lane 2008, Gonghe New Road
RT-Mart Fengxian branch: Nanqiao Town Fengxian District
Lotus Center
Lotus Yangpu branch: 4295 Zhoujiazui Road (120 parking space)
Lotus Xuhui branch: 178 Chuanchang Road
Lotus Pudong branch: 1126-1128 Yanggao Road(S), Pudong New Area (Opened on June 23, 1997 with 120 parking space)
Lotus Hongqiao branch: 1218 Wuzhong Road (parking space: 100)
Lotus Chuanchang branch: 176 Chuanchang Road, Xuhui District
Lotus Shangnan branch: 3521 Shangnan Road, Pudong New Area (parking space: 100)
Lotus Caoan branch: the crossing of Caoan Road and Anbian Road
Lotus Tianshan branch: 541 Tianshan Road(W), Changning District (parking space: 200)
Lotus Zhengda Guangchang branch: 1B and 2B, Super Brand Mail, 168 Lujiazui Road(W), Pudong New Area (parking space 200)
LotusWenshui branch: 886 Wenshui Road (parking space: 100)
Lotus Yanggao Beilu branch: 1256 Jingao Road, Pudong New Area (parking space: 400)
Lotus Songjiang Yueyang branch: 8 Songjiang Rongle Road(M), Songjiang District
Lotus Center Lotus Center

Auchan Zhongyuan branch:102 Zhongyuan Road
Auchan Changyang branch: 1750 Changyang Road
Auchan Jiading branch: 99 Bole Road
Auchan Minhang branch: 2092 Dongchuan Road

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