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Add: 1) 1750 Changyang Lu 

         2) 102 Zhongyuan Lu

Tel:   1) 6543 6543/6543 2111

         2) 6558 9988

Open daily: 8:30-22:00

Well-known French hypermarket. Large choice of fresh products: meats, fishes (nice variety). They also sell clothes, household equipment, bicycles, computers and more. Very clean and organized. Same kind of store as Carrefour.

The Changyang store covers a superficy of 10,000 sqm on a single floor. Nice shopping gallery. Simple access: Coming from Pudong, it's first exit after the Yangpu Bridge. Due to location, mostly Chinese customers for the moment. The Zhong Yuan store is still under renovation.



Add:  1) 268 Shuicheng Nan Lu

          2) 279 Biyun Lu

          3) 20 Wuning Lu 

          4) 560 Quyang Lu

          5) 7388 Huming Lu

          6) 1500 Xincun Lu

          7) 1168 Gongjiang Lu

Tel:    1) 6209 8899

          2) 5899 1899

          3) 6227 7788

          4) 5589 6078

          5) 3412 4688

          6) 6209 8809

          7) 3611 4510

Open daily: 8:30-22:00

Well-known French grocery chain which offers a large choice of both Chinese and Western products (lots of imported food). French traiteur, biovegetables, domestic appliances, household equipment, bicycles and sports equipment, Hifi, TV and computers. Information regarding the products are both in Chinese and English, which is very helpful when first arrived. International credit cards welcomed. Shopping mall on the ground floor: shops, restaurants, optician, laundry, pharmacy and a Kodak shop where you can ask for very quick ID photos. Car parking on the 4th level. For bicycles and taxis, to the first level.



Add:   1) 1172-1218 Wuzhong Lu

           2) 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, inside Super Brand Mall

Tel:     1) 5889 2222

           2) 6887 7888

Open daily: 8:00-22:00

Large choice of Chinese products: clothes, shoes, baby stuff, toys, stationery adn sports equipment. Food and wines. Very clean and well organized. Very convenient. Nice choice of bicycles for adults. Very reasonable prices.



Add:    1) 1425 Zhenbei Lu

           2) 383 Baiyang Lu 

           3) 418 Guangyue Lu

           4) 80 Gudai Lu

Tel:     1) 6265 8888

           2) 6892 8888

           3) 6526 8888

           4) 6480 8888

Open daily: 6:00-22:00

Cash and carry store. Very nice fruit and vegetables, meats and especially fish are great: nice choice. They also sell wines, TV, Hifi, clothes, domestic appliances and more. Bring a visiting card and a photo (even if they don't always ask for it), they will do a customer card which you present each time you pay. Bring your own bags to carry what you bought or you'll have to buy some at the cashier. Cash only. There's a ATM at the exit of the shop.



Century Mark

Add: 1211 Shiji Da Dao

Open daily: 8:00-22:00

Very local supermarket. Convenient single floor. Entrance for the cars is via Fushan Lu.


City Supermarket

Add:    1) 3211 Hongmei Lu

            2) 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, inside Shanghai Center

            3) Basement, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu

            4) B1, 939 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Tel/Fax: 6215 0418/6267 4248/6477 9671



Open daily: 8:00-22:00

The largest choice of imported food in Shanghai. It's really the place to go when you are desperate to find something. A little bit more expensive than the other supermarkets. They also offer foreign newspapers and magazines. You can bring your photos to be developed. You will find here a taxi-cards guide very useful when first arriving (which gives you in English, pinyin and Chinese characters a lot of useful addresses). Ask for it at the front cashier. It costs RMB200 at present. * Free delivery. Ask for their catalogue. If you order by telephone or mail before 15:00, delivery will be the same day. Particularly useful for those who work and/or live far away from one of these shops.


Glenmore's Australian Deli

Add: 196 Guyi Lu, Wuzhong Dong Lu

Tel: 6464 8665

Fax: 6464 3043


Open daily: 9:30-19:30

Very nice Australian imported meats. It's also possible to order the piece of meat you desire you order a little bit in advance. They also sell saucisses and meat for the BBQ. Nice frozen fish, Australian wines, large choice of spices. You can also find here the taxi-cards guide. English-speaking staff. Email order possible.


Green House

Tel: 3201 4688 ext.818

Mobile: 138 1880 5298

Open: Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00

Organics vegetables and fruits. Freshly picked from the farm to your door. Sales manager Shelley Chang. Delivery the day after.


Hymall (ֹ)

Add: 2066 Nanjing Xi Lu

Tel: 6267 9890

French butter among other western goods can be found in this new Chinese supermarket situated on Zhen Ming Lu.



Add:    1) 978 Wuzhong Lu

           2) 463 Xianxia Lu

           3) 277 Xingguo Lu

           4) 300 Huashan Lu

Open daily

Mnay locations in the city. Small supermarkets. Mostly Chinese products. Very good fruit and vegetables, also a few western products.


Pines The Market Place

Tel: 6470 0180 ext. 8229

Mobile: 1305 2002 165

Fax: 6484 8363



Open daily

Nice choice of imported and local food. In competition with the City supermarket. Excellent fresh meats from New Zealand cut at your request. Wine cellar at the first floor. Laundry at the entrance. *Home delivery. The butcher is a native English speaker person, so for any problem, ask for him.


Convenience Stores


Open 24h a day

Small supermarket for basics.


C Store

Open 24h a day

Small shop with basics.



Open 24h a day

Small supermarket, also snacks and instant noodles. Convenient shop.



Open 24h a day

Many locations in the city. Chain of small Chinese supermarkets.


*It's possible to pay your electricity, gas, telephone bills at all convenience stores.


Local Markets

Xiangyang Market

Add: 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Open daily: 10:00-20:00

The most famous market you have to visit when in Shanghai. Located at the corner of Xiangyang and Huaihai Zhong Lu. It is an open air market in one of the most famous street of the city which offers a large selection of clothes, gift ideas, bags, jewellry, shoes, toys and silk items. *Bargaining needed.

Many many shops so we don't give you any address as you will find your favourite very quickly. Be aware that the market is planned to move out into a new location called Gubei Xintiandi at the corner of Gubei Lu and Hong Bao Xi Lu.


Dong Jia Du Lu Market

Add: 142 Dongjiadu Lu

Open daily: 10:00-20:00

Material market: nice choice of silk, cotton, linen, cashmere... Materials for men suits. The most famous fabric market you have to visit when in Shanghai.


Puan Lu Market Children Market

Add: 10 Puan Lu, Jinlin Lu

It's a little difficult to find it, but it's worth going there. The Children Market was moved one year ago in the basement under a newly planted park. Take the Puan lu Street, facing the Yan'an elevated way, until its end and then you will find on your left side a park with two entrances (like subway's entrances). Nice choice of shoes for young children (clothes also).

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