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Coming to Pudong to Enjoy Featured Farm Foods in Peach Blossom Season
Publish time: 2017-04-14

Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival is in full swing and the "Peach Blossom Banquet" Farm Feast Cooking Contest is organized on schedule. The 2017 Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival "Farm Feast Cooking Contest" - "Making Pudong Farm Dishes Following Chefs" was held in Datuan Peach Garden yesterday and over 50 village restaurants participated.

According to the rules, each participating unit should make a table of farm dishes of RMB500-600, including cold dish, hot dish, dessert, specialty, traditional dish and innovative dish. And many restaurants have shown their unique skills for this contest.

On the occasion of the Peach Blossom Festival, many dishes themed on "peach blossoms" are both pleasant to the eyes and skim. The "Ten Great Li of Peach Blossom Tears" made by Hangtou Town Bamboo Shots Food Store is named after a recent popular TV play and this healthy drink made from peach gum, red dates, rock candy and medlar has been favored by the guests at site. The "Peach Garden Wined Chicken" of Shuyuanrenjia in Lingang takes free-ranging chicken in the Peach Garden as the main ingredient and supplements it with Huadiao wine and peach juice extracted from dried peach blossoms, making it taste with the scent of wine and peach blossom. The chief of Shahai International Hotel has made full use of the seasonal ingredients such as swan-mussel, spring shots and Chinese toon and, with dry laver as the branches and carved carrots as flowers, presented the picture of peach blossom garden through exquisite plating.

Besides, various featured Pudong farm dishes, like Xiasha steamed dumplings, pickle pie and Nanhui Old Eights, have been presented one after another.

This activity is hosted by Pudong Branch of Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association and supported by the General Office of the Organizing Committee of Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival and Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association. It aims at seeking featured restaurants and chefs hidden in the beautiful village scenery, demonstrating the features, delicacy, health and environmental protection of "Pudong Farm Dishes", and solving the catering problem of all visitors during the Peach Blossom Festival.

Ma Xuejie, Deputy Director of the Pudong District Commission of Commerce, said that the Farm Dish Cooking Contest can expand the publicity and influence of the Peach Blossom Festival which were mainly in southern area to the whole Pudong, thus stretching the spatial dimension of the Festival, enriching its connotation and further strengthening interaction and enhancing experience. "Previously, visitors mainly appreciated the peach blossoms and 'filled their stomach' with farm dishes. The contest of learn to make farm dishes has drawn close the distance between visitors and the activity and thus strengthen the experience and interaction."

Source: Shanghai Pudong Portal Website

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