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Shanghai Rhododendron Flowers Show Kicks off
Publish time: 2017-04-07

As one of the activities for Shanghai Citizen Greening Festival, the 9th Shanghai Rhododendron Flowers Show kicked off today at the Riverside Forest Park. The show falls on the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the park, which has created a series of landscapes of "intoxicating red" so as to bring to the visitors the impressive experience of "intoxicating Huangpu River with land covered in red color".
To support the flowers show, the park has designed the "intoxicating red slope", which is located at the entrance to the Rhododendron Garden on the central avenue with more than 700 plants of azalea introduced from Dabie Mountain Area covering an area of over 300 square meters. The high mountain rhododendron variety features early bloom, long flowering phase and wonderful viewing effect. In addition, in the park there are also more than 10 varieties of high mountain rhododendron such as "Maying", "Yunjin" and "Yangchichu" distributed in the Rhododendron Garden covering an area of about 200 mu, where a total of over 200 varieties of rhododendron content in beauty and fascination.

It is worth mentioning that the Lansheng Pavilion located near the riverside line has been turned into a rhododendron floriculture room this year, which has been decorated into an "intoxicating red pavilion" with rhododendron potted landscapes and all kinds of green plants coupled with calligraphy, painting, poems and other cultural elements.

According to the sources, the flowers show will continue until May 10, with the best flowers viewing periods in the Qingming Festival holiday and the May Day holiday. The park has also provided the preferential condition for the visitors with the character "juan (rhododendron)" in their names who can visit the park for free during the flowers show by presenting their ID cards. In addition, the park will organize a variety of activities in the park. The experts in cultivating rhododendron will be invited to deliver two lectures on cultivation of rhododendron entitled "Discussion on Western Rhododendron" (on April 8) and "Reproduction Technology of Western Rhododendron" (on April 29). The lectures will be open to the visitors for free and related information will be released on the WeChat platform.

In addition, the park will cooperate with Olympic-Run China organizing committee to hold the Olympic-Run event in mid-April. As there is only one chance in a year to run in the rhododendron flowers sea, it is better for the runners to follow the park's WeChat public account and register for the event in time.

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