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Pudong to Organize over 700 Spring Activities for 2017 Citizens Cultural Festival
Publish time: 2017-04-03

On March 25, with the theme of "culture improving citizen quality", the 2017 Shanghai Citizens Cultural Festival officially kicked off. The opening day just fell on the "Cultural Service Day", when all public cultural facilities at all levels in Pudong were open to the public free of charge, all the community cultural activity centers at 36 sub-districts extended the service time, and hundreds of colorful cultural activities were held in Pudong.

On the day, the cultural activities were in full swing at Huinan Town. In the morning more than 150 public square dancers from various villages and neighborhoods gathered at Tingchao Square to start the event with the public square dance "Setting out Toward Happiness".  The "Spring Handcraft Creation Exhibition" held by Huinan Branch of Pudong New Area Culture and Art Guidance Center also attracted the participation of many citizens.

In the afternoon that day, two wonderful performing shows were staged in Huinan Town at the same time. Specifically, the collection performing show with the theme of "jointly creating clean environment and building beautiful homes" was put on at Tingchao Square. The programs such as monodrama "People Support Straightening Violations" and cymbal story-telling "Blue Sky, Green Land and Clear Water" were based on the true stories, winning loud applause from the residents. At Huinan Branch of Pudong New Area Culture and Art Guidance Center, the show of "We Sing Opera" were well received by the opera fans.

On the same day, all the district-level cultural venues in Pudong launched their own activities to attract the city residents: Pudong Culture Center put on the drama "Big Dreamer", and Punan Culture Center launched the theme activities for Shanghai Opera, Quyi, chorus and other performances; at Jinhai Culture and Art Center, the new and old residents in the area jointly performed on the stage and experienced the enjoyment for the harmonious communities in the activity of "mass performance of Quyi at Caolu Community". The activities of "Cultural Service Day" at the sub-districts and towns focused on the locally characterized culture: the "Glory of Lixi" Image-text Exhibition on Stories of Yao's Family was held at Zhoupu Art Museum. Yangjing Community Cultural Activity Center organized the "Beautiful Yangjing" fine works exhibition of calligraphy and painting of woolen embroidery.

It is learnt that the Shanghai Citizen Culture Festival is Shanghai's largest annual cultural event with the most extensive coverage and is divided into the four stages of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now the programs for the spring stage have been announced and more than 700 cultural activities will be held in Pudong area.

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