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Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival Unveiled Next Week
Publish time: 2017-03-31

The 27th "Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival" will be unveiled next week. It is learned from the Pudong Commerce Commission that the peach blossom festival of this year will be comprehensively promoted with a brand new perspective. While walking on the grass in countryside, tourists could also enjoy "Peach Blossom Garden on Clouds" on the 119th floor of Shanghai Tower, which reflects a vivid picture of flowers blooming on trees and fragrance drifting along.

Combining Rural Tourism and Urban Tourism

It is learnt that, themed with "Warm Pudong in Spring, Peach Blossom in Miles", the peach blossom festival of this year is ready for publicity with seven peach orchards from Huinan Town, Datuan Town, Xinchang Town and Laogang Town.

Located at Huinan Town, Nanhui Taohua Village will be opened on March 23. Since the 1st festival, this village has not only added ten thousands various peach trees, but also has renovated four musical fountains at the 2nd half of last year, which brings spring chapter for park tour. Next one is Datuan Town. On March 24, Datuan Peach Orchard, Seaborne Peach Blossom Garden, Wangting Peach Orchard and Qujiaqiao Peach Orchard prepare different kinds of activities including the Cute Pet Carnival and Parent-child Marathon, which adds more entertainment choices for tourists while they admire flowers. On March 25, Xinchang Peach Orchard of Xinchang Town would be opened. And peach blossom blind date will be held while performance of songs and dances being presented. Meanwhile, Binhai Peach Paradise of Laogang Town will be unveiled with eight serial activities on March 25.

One feature of this peach blossom festival is combining rural tourism and urban tourism. On March 24, Shanghai Tower would present a breathtaking display, which is peach blossom garden on clouds. Introduced by the organizer, we can enjoy peach forest in miles on the site and can see serial works of peach blossom festival jointly made by traveling illustration artist CaroNI and famous online photographer Xia Tian as well. The work of "Starry Sky over Peach Garden" is made by special techniques, which pictures gorgeous starry sky hundreds of years ago in Shanghai.

In addition, "Peach Blossom on Trees" will be held at Jin Mao Tower for praying upon climbing on March 26.

The Vice Director of the Pudong Commerce Commission, Ma Xuejie said, "It is not easy to be more innovative when having held 27 festivals so far". He said that urban tour culture would be integrated into while they carrying forward rural tourism in Pudong and characteristic folk culture elements. We would popularize Pudong tourism by connecting rural and urban scene spots through the "Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival". We strive for making an example of comprehensive tourism zone with urban landscapes, rural tourism and leisure experience to promote its competitive capability of tourism.

Characteristic Snacks Showing up

Beautiful scenes should be with delicious food and impressive gifts. To attract tourists, local snacks, the trump card would be showed up.

It is introduced that the 1st store of exquisite handmade cakes with fruit would be introduced into "Peach Blossom Garden on Clouds" of Shanghai Tower to prepare for special-made peach gifts. Keeping light aroma of peach blossom, the special peach wine is suitable for us all.

Associated with local snacks, a snack street is set on Binhai Peach Paradise. Serial games are prepared for snacks on the site. Tourists will get stamps if winning games. Winning enough stamps, they can get snacks for free, like three stamps for farmhouse pancake, four for glutinous rice balls and six for Tuzao paella. Moreover, souvenirs, Nanhui peach blossom cake and rice balls for instance, will be presented on Nanhui Taohua Village. And Datuan Peach Orchard will launch its own "Three Treasures of Peach Orchard". Besides, a peach blossom feast will be held, with more than 50 rural restaurants participating in a farmhouse cooking competition at designated peach orchards and rural restaurants.

Source: Shanghai Pudong Portal Website

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