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Shanghai Int'l Half-Marathon Unveiled in Next Month in Pudong
Publish time: 2017-03-29

It is learnt that the 2017 Shanghai International Half-marathon, as the sister game of Shanghai International Marathon, will be initiated in Lujiazui on April 23.

For meeting more requests of marathon fans, the event' size is re-upgraded to 15,000 from 12,000. Top 300 players of 2016 Shanghai International 10-kilometer Race, top 400 players of 2016 Shanghai Fengxian Half-marathon and top 10 female players of the 2016 Sakura Race will directly participate in the event.

The race course of Shanghai Half-marathon and that of Shanghai Marathon are respectively located in Pudong and Puxi. This year, the race course of Shanghai Half-marathon is as the same as that of last year: the starting point is Oriental Pearl Tower in Lujiazui while the end point is Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Building. Different from that of last year, the second-half section of the race course of this year is adjusted to avoid the relevant construction sites.

Top 400 men's players and top 200 women's players of the half-marathon may directly participate in the 2017 Shanghai International Marathon. The half-marathon organization committee has also invited international excellent athletes for ordinary players have a chance to compete with them. Prizes for ordinary players have been arranged this year: excluding the athletes specially invited by the organization committee, top 8 ordinary players will get RMB500-10,000 prizes.

In order to eliminate previous entry transfers, the half-marathon will launch an entry withdrawal mechanism. If players who successfully register for the half-marathon can not participate in the event due to individual reasons, they can apply for withdrawing from the competition. And the entries resulted from the withdrawal will go through a drawing-lots procedure on the very day. Any player who applies for withdrawal can not cancel the application and get an entry for the competition by other ways.

Source: Shanghai Pudong Portal Website

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