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Spring Festival: Pudong's Carrying Volume Sees Slight YOY Rise
Publish time: 2017-03-06

On February 21, the Spring Festival Transportation Season was rounded off. According to sources, in the Spring Festival, the coach companies of East Pudong Coach Station carried 230, 000 person-times, the Buses of Pudong carried about 65.20 million person-times, the taxi companies of Pudong carried nearly 0.58 million person-times and the Pudong Airport boasted a passenger throughput of 7.79 million person-times.

Carrying capacity was ensured for the people's outing.

The Spring Festival Transportation Season started from January 13 and ended on February 21, during which the coach companies of the East Pudong Coach Station (including the East Pudong Coach Station, Gaoqiao Coach Station, Chuangsha Coach Station and Huinan Coach Station) arranged a total of 17,278 bus shifts to transport over 0.23 million person-times; the Buses of Pudong transported about 65.20 million person-times by dispatching 4,162 buses, with a total trip distance up to about 28.80 kilometers; the taxi companies of Pudong (Haibo and Yiliu Taxi Companies) sent more than 28,000 taxi-times to carry nearly 0.58 million person-times. The carry volume saw a slight rise on the year-on-year basis.

Facing the Spring Festival Transportation Season, relevant sides made full preparations. The coach companies of East Pudong Coach Station arranged 450 bus-times to ensure transportation rush from January 21 to 26, January 31 to February 2 and February 12 to 21. All the bus companies of Pudong in advance predicted passenger flows and arranged additional buses for major bus lines for emergency. Haibo Taxi Company and Yiliu Taxi Company guaranteed the timely maintenance of taxies, with over 85% registered taxies serving every day in the Spring Festival.

For the security in the Spring Festival, Pudong Public Security Sub-bureau, the Pudong Construction and Transportation Committee, the Pudong Urban Management Law-enforcement Bureau co-held a coordinating meeting on preventing illegal getting off and on, which rationalized a procedure of patrol, acceptance, transfer and penalty for the violations and removed some violations. The Pudong Transportation Department, the Traffic Police Detachment and other departments spared no efforts to check and remove all kinds of potential hazards. In light of possible snow-ice days, some huge passenger flows and the reconstruction of Zhangjiang High Technology Station of Metro Line 2, the coach and bus companies all made emergency schemes.

The airports made emergency schemes

In the Spring Festival Transportation Season, the two airports witnessed huge passenger flows, with the number of daily flights up to over 2,000 and the daily passenger throughput capacity of more than 0.3 million person-times. Pudong Airport guaranteed a total of 53,600 flight-times, a year-on-year increase of 3.41%, and boasted a passenger throughput capacity of 7.79 million person-times, a year-on-year increase of 9.88%.

Facing the continuous pressure of huge passenger flows, Pudong Airport arranged drills for emergency schemes of abnormal weather days and flight delays as well as huge passenger flows and ground vehicle guidance before the Spring Festival. The airport strengthened the coordination with airline companies and ground transportation authorities for smooth connection. Besides, the airport added service staffs on duty and arranged volunteers at crowded areas by cooperating with airport community member agencies, in a bid to ensure its orderly operation.

The airport released that it made the parking saturation grading system and cooperation mechanism to alleviate the parking pressure in the Spring Festival. By guiding the parking and opening the P5 temporary parking lot, the parking need in rush hours were met. In the late days of the Spring Festival Transportation Season, for the huge amount of returning passengers, the airport cooperated with the metro, maglev and airport bus authorities to add shifts and extend bus operation time, and strengthened the taxi station management and the taxi dispatching efficiency, so as to help the passengers arriving in Shanghai at night to go to the downtown of Shanghai.

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