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Construction Starts in 18 Stations along Line 18
Publish time: 2017-03-01

As an important line of Shanghai's new round of metro transportation planning, Phase I Line 18 covers Baoshan, Yangpu and Pudong and stretches for 32 kilometers. It runes through transportation hubs including Wujiaochang, Yangpu Riverside Area and Longyang Road, Zhoupu Town and Hangtou Town from north to south with rich transfer options.

According to Shentong Metro, there are 26 underground stations to be set in the phase I Line 18 project and they have started working on 18 of them and completed the main earthwork excavation and ground concrete casting of two stations. They will manage to finish main structure of five stations, 22 end wells and shield structure of 5 kilometers this year. It is planned to open in 2020.

According to He Xinming, an official of the construction side, Yingchun Road Station, located in the north of Minsheng Road C Jinxiu Road intersection, is the first project they started along the line. The foundation casting was completed before the Spring Festival.

The project office also established a special WeChat platform for working with involved sides including local resident committees, police stations and owners' committees of residential quarters. "Some residents proposed work suspension during the college entrance examination, so we stopped working at night. Once, in order to close the half-done project on schedule, we talked to residents about it in advance", said He. Main structure construction will be completed in Yingchun Road Station at the end of June according to plan. "At the end of June, the underground platform, entrances and exits will take shape".

As the largest station unit of the phase I Line 18, stretching for 511 meters, Longyang Road Station is island-style1d with the 14-meter-broad effective platform and three layers underground. Passengers may transfer to Line 2, 7 and 16 as well as Maglev Line after it opens.

He noted, they have recently begun the construction of temporary accesses around Longyang Road Station before they move ahead to conduct the pipeline cutover. Large-scale construction will launch at the end of March and the beginning of April after the preliminary preparations end.

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