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"AED" Enters Metro Stations
Publish time: 2017-02-27

The transparent red first-aid case, labeled as "AED" (Automated External Defibrillator), now can be found inside both Century Avenue and Longyang Road metro stations.

As a first-aid instrument, AED could practice electric defibrillation on those having a heart attack, help them recover normal heart rhythm and save life at a high rate within the best rescue time. Some of the metro station staff introduced, when emergency, patient should ask for their help promptly and call 120 as soon as possible, if he doesn't know how to use an AED.

It is learnt that 194 AEDs have been installed in public places in Pudong since the beginning of 2015. According to the Red Cross Society of Pudong, they will keep working to have 200 AEDs installed in public places including private primary and middle schools, community centers and community cultural centers this year.

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