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Measures Taken to Address Passenger Flows for New Semester
Publish time: 2017-02-24

After the Lantern Festival, the new semester gradually starts at the middle and primary schools in the city. Shangnan Public Transportation in Pudong made preparation before the new semester, and adjusted the capacity and the timetable in a timely manner on the basis of the features of the passenger flows after the festival, so as to ensure the transportation of the large passenger flows during the new semester period

According to the sources, the Pudong Shangnan control center of public transportation cluster had adjusted the timetables for all bus routes by February 14 so as to ensure the normal bus operation on February 16; all supervisors carried out on-site management at the parking lots, major stops and major intersections, in a bid to guarantee the smooth operation on the first commencement day this year.

Specifically, on the routes with intensive passenger flows, Shangnan Public Transportation increased the capacity as planned, and after the adjustment the use ratio of the buses reached more than 98%, with 100% of the buses put into operation in the morning and evening rush hours. At the same time, the intervals were shortened, the passenger flows were monitored continuously after the commence days, the capacity was optimized timely and a series of measures were taken to ensure the safe operation of the buses.

At present, a total of 6 bus routes under Shangnan Public Transportation including bus No. 787, 638 and 1034 pass a number of schools such as Shanghai Experimental Primary School and Jianping Middle School, with the passengers of students in large numbers. In order to facilitate the traffic for the students, the company adjusted the capacity as from today by increasing buses and shifts. The Luheng Road public transit hub withstood the test of the new semester period for the first time this year, and on the basis of the increasing passengers of students transferring on Metro Line 8, increased a total of 8 buses and 206 shifts for bus No. 576, 955 and 1034 at the hub.

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