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Ring Landscape Belt to be Built at Dishui Lake
Publish time: 2017-02-22

With blue sky and clear water, the lakeside scenery is so beautiful. According to the Lin'gang Administration Committee, the construction of the project of Dishui Lake landscape belt, covering a total area of over 80 hectares, is in full swing. It is expected that at the end of the year, the Dishui lakeside will become the most central public open space and waterfront activity space in Lin'gang area, forming the "big lakeside living room" for supporting the outdoor life in the city and fostering the urban culture.

The construction of the lake ring landscape belt includes two phases. The first phase is the construction of the greenery landscape with the ornamental trees and ground cover to be planted, which is planned to be completed within the year; the second phase is the construction of the infrastructure such as the bridges, with the construction planned to start in batches, which will be completed by the end of next year. The 7 pedestrian bridges featuring different shapes, materials and colors will become the symbolic points for the landscape belt and provide the belt with a coherent trails system.

The supporting facilities of the landscape belt will be designed in groups and different sections on the basis of the functions. Specifically, the northern island area will mainly have the function of culture and entertainment, and an art restaurant of the wood structure will be built with the space of about 4,000 square meters to help the visitors get close to nature. Nearby there will be lighthouse as the commanding height for observing the lake. In addition, the buildings of different functions will be gradually built on the lakeside.

In the future, there will be paths of different widths and viewing experiences on the ring of the lake, providing the possibilities of touring around the lake at different speeds. The closest to the lake water is a lakeside footpath with a width of 6 meters, the middle ring is the road for bikes and the outer ring is the road for jogging covered with blue permeable asphalt.

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