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Chuan-Feng Special Line Shortened to Hang-Feng Line
Publish time: 2017-02-20

The Chuan-Feng special line, a super long bus line operated by Jingao Bus Company for years, was shortened and renamed Hang-Feng special line starting on February 11, while settling at the Heheng Road public transit hub at the same time. According to the sources, the adjustment will further facilitate the traffic demand of the residents at Hangtou Daju and solve the problems such as the delayed arrival and the excessive labor intensity for the drivers caused by the extra long route, traffic congestion and other factors.
With a length of 59.1 kilometers, it took 2 hours in plan to complete a one-way driving on the Chuan-Feng special line, but the various points of traffic congestion on the route usually caused the driving to exceed 2 hours, which affected the operation of the buses, resulted in the inconvenience for the traffic of the residents on the line and increased the labor intensity for the drivers. In order to improve the service quality on the bus line and ease the traffic problem for the residents at Hesha Hangcheng, the Jingao Bus Company implemented the plan for shortening the Chuan-Feng special line after the many preparatory efforts in visits, surveys, designing and planning.

After the adjustment, the upward route starts at Heheng Road Helei Road, runs via Heheng Road, Helei Road, Heyun Road, Hesha Road, Hangrui Road, Helei Road, Hunan Highway, Hangnan Highway, Daye Highway, East Huancheng Road and Nanfeng Highway, and terminates at Nanqiao Bus Station; the downward route starts at Nanqiao Bus Station, runs via Nanfeng Highway, East Huancheng Road, Daye Highway, Hangnan Highway, Hunan Highway, Helei Road, Hangrui Road, Hesha Road and Heheng Road, and terminates at Heheng Road Helei Road.

After the adjustment, the route is 33.3 kilometers in length with 12 buses allocated and the driving time planned at 70 minutes. At ordinary time the interval will be 15 to 25 minutes with that at 15 to 20 minutes in rush hours; the fare is 1 to 6 yuan. The first and last buses will be at 6:00 and 20:00 respectively at Heheng Road Helei Road bus stop, compared with 5:00 and 19:10 respectively at Nanqiao Bus Station.

According to the sources, the original Chuan-Feng special line was operated by Jingao Bus Company, and after being shortened, the route will be operated by Yanggao Bus Company. The shortened part will be supplemented by Jingao Bus Company by opening the Chuan-Heng special line.

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