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International tourism vacation area


Located in the middle of Shanghai Pudong, from S1 road in the north to Zhoudeng Road in the south and from Huadong Road in the east to 1000 meters west of S2 road red line, it has planned area of 20.6 square kilometers with core area of 7 square kilometers. It is 21 kilometers from People's Square, 18 kilometers from Lujiazui Financial Center, 12 kilometers from Pudong International Airport and 30 kilometers from Hongqiao transportation hub.

Functional orientation

Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area will be included into key development areas of Shanghai's "12th Five-year Plan" together with post-Expo development area and Hongqiao Business Zone.  

Centering on Shanghai Disney Project and converging surrounding tourism resources for linkage development, Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area will be built into internationalized tourism vacation area with highest energy level and strongest influence and the area with the agglomeration of such industries as theme entertainment, tourism MICE, cultural creativity, commercial retail and sports and leisure.     

hanghai Disney Resort

Located in the core area of Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area, with land area of 3.9 square kilometers, it includes Disney Theme Park, theme hotel and auxiliary facilities of retail, food & beverage, entertainment and parking lot and public facilities such as central lake, paddock river and public transportation hub. Among them, with land area of 1.16 square kilometers and the investment of RMB24.5 billion, Shanghai Disney Theme Park is scheduled to open by then end of 2015.
Development potential

Along with Shanghai Disney Theme Park and auxiliary facilities under construction in Stage 1 core area of 3.9 square kilometers, Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area will also develop other relevant industries in the area of 13.6 square kilometers surrounding the core area as planned. Because it was always planned and controlled as a part of Disney project, it shows great potential for late development. 

Business invitation project

Located in the northwestern side of Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area, listed as Shanghai's historical and cultural features protection area, Hengmian Old Town within the area has well-protected old town characteristics, cultural heritage and tourism and cultural resources. The protective development of the old town is one of the key business invitation projects recently proposed.

Government service

In order to ensure orderly development and construction and sustainable development of Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area, Shanghai Municipal Government established Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area Management Committee as the dispatched agency of the municipal government. In accordance with Measures for the Administration of Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area (No.65 decree of municipal government, 2011), entrusted by administrative authorities of Shanghai municipality or Pudong New Area regarding investment, business, planning, land, construction & transportation, environmental protection, forestation, city appearance and water affairs, Shanghai International Tourism Vacation Area Management Committee implements administrative examination and approval of 34 items under 9 categories, including enterprise investment management, foreign investment management, planning management, land management, construction management, environmental protection management, forestation management, city appearance & landscape management and water affairs management.

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