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Future of Pudong
Publish time: 2013-09-18

At this new historical juncture, Pudong will carry out its new mission in a brave and scientific manner. It will continue to play a leading role in reform and opening-up. On top of building a better image of Pudong in dazzling speed, attention will be focused on strengthening the core functions of Pudong so as to transform it into a new mode of global resource allocation, an incubator for various innovative activities, an high-end link on industrial value chains, a test field for reform and opening-up, and a new urban area for pleasant living and work.
By 2016, Pudong will strive to have a GDP of 1 trillion yuan, with an annual growth of about 11%. The added value of tertiary industry will account for 65% of local GDP. The local fiscal revenue will keep pace with the growth of GDP. The total fixed assets investment will reach 800 billion yuan.

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