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Looking forward to Pudong's Future with Numbers
Publish time: 2011-01-10

2011 is the first year of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. Pudong will insist on driving by innovations, developing by transition, prioritizing functions, integrating industry and city, adjusting structure during development, and ensuring and improving people's living standards during development and transition.


The main anticipative indexes of economic and social development in Pudong New Area for this year are: the regional total production value shall have a period-on-period increase of 11-12%; the regional fiscal revenues shall grow by 12%; the fixed assets investment should be as high as that of last year; the expenses on researches and development of the whole society should equal to over 3% of the total production value.

800 thousand square meters

A group of landmark, functional commercial buildings will be built during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, with total construction area of about 3.5 million square meters. With the existing some 8.5 million square meters, the total area of commercial buildings will reach 12 million square meters, among which, over 5 million square meters will be in Small Lujiazui. It is predicted 11 projects will be completed this year, with construction area of around 800 thousand square meters.

130 billion RMB

There will be a total of 286 industrial investment projects this year, with total investment of over 130 billion RMB. Of the projects, there are 8 newly started bio-medical projects, with total investment of over 10 billion RMB, and 6 new energy projects, with total investment of over 9 billion RMB.

62 administrative villages

Pudong New Area will continue to implement the plans to reconstruct villages and help farmers to increase their income. It plans to complete 62 administrative villages which have nearly 40 thousand farmers. The plan to help the farmers to increase their income will continue to keep a growth of 12%.

4 million square meters

Pudong New Area plans to build about 4 million square meters of social security housing, among which, there will be 3 million square meters of resettlement housing, 600 thousand square meters of public rental housing, and 350 thousand square meters of economical housing. 1,100 new households will benefit from the low-rent housing.

38 projects

Pudong New Area will invest 150 million RMB to carry out 38 projects, including 8 hospitals such as East Hospital, and the construction, renovation and expansion of some community health service centers.

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