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Cargo Transportation of Pudong Airport Continues to Rank 3rd in the World
Publish time: 2011-01-09
With the ringing of the 2011 New Year bell, Shanghai Airport Group passed the 11th year of safety smoothly, which was also the 23rd year of safety of Hongqiao Airport after the reform of civil aviation organization system. In the past 2010, driving by the effects of the World Expo, the three transportation indexes of Shanghai Airport increased dramatically, hitting new record highs for several times. Annual passenger throughput of the airport exceeded 70 million person-trips for the first time, and the cargo transportation of Pudong Airport continued to rank 3rd in the world.
In 2010, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport ensured 551,086 times of aircraft takeoffs and landings (Pudong 332,122 times, Hongqiao 218,964 times), with a period-on-period increase of 15.53%; completed a passenger throughput of 71.7 million person-trips (Pudong 40.4 million person-trips, Hongqiao 31.3 million person-trips), growing 25.79% over that of the same period of last year; realized cargo and mail throughput of 3.7 million tons (Pudong 3.22 million tons, Hongqiao 480 thousand tons), with a period-on-period growth of 24.10%.
The world-class1 hub airport scale of Shanghai air harbor was basically formed in 2010. Terminal 2 and Runway 2 of Hongqiao Airport were put into use on March 16, 2010, which indicated the primary completion of the hardware facilities of Shanghai aviation hub. After 16 years of big-scale construction, Shanghai Airport and Hongqiao Airport now have 4 terminals and 5 runways, which can ensure annual passenger and cargo throughput of 100 million person-trips and 5.2 million tons respectively. The overall scale of Shanghai air harbor has reached the standards of international super air harbors.

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