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Pudong New Area Commission of Economy and Informatization (Administration of Work Safety, Ocean Bureau, Shipping Office)
Publish time: 2011-08-01
Main functions:
1.           To implement laws, regulations, plans and policies on industry and informatization, shipping, ocean and safe production supervision with related parties;
2.           To draft special plans and annual plans on the development of industry, informatizatiin, production service sector, shipping service sector and marine economy based on Pudong New Area's overall national economic and social development plan; to stud the layout plans and the structural adjustment policies and measures on industry and informatization ; to draft industrial policies and standards on the basis of the national industrial policies and district industrial development program and organize arrangement so as to guide and support the development of industry and information industry.
3. To monitor and analyze the momentum of the operation of industry, information, shipping and ocean industry; to coordinate and solve related problems occurred in industrial operation and development and offer policy advice; to undertake the work regarding emergency management of industry and informatization, industrial security and other related work.
4 To give suggestions on the scale and direction of fixed investment in industry and informatization, organize major industrial and informatization projects within the authorization of the new area government; to work with related departments to organize and manage the implementation of the industrial and informatization projects funded by the government; to be responsible for the preliminary examination and approval to governmental informatization projects using the project owner's department budget; to make pre-approval on major informatization projects included in the department budget and the informationization programs with new area investment; to comprehensively balance and administrate the use of funds for information construction with related departments; to work with related departments to administrate the use of foreign investment in industry and information industry, and to develop external corporation and exchange in industry and information industry.
5 To guide technological innovation and technological advancement in different sectors, promote technical reforms for upgrading traditional industries with advanced technologies, coordinate and organize the implementation of national and local major special science and technological projects in information industry push forward the corporation between industry, school and research agencies and the commercialization of related research achievements; to undertake quality management in industries and brand strategies; to coordinate, organize and implement national and local information technology standards; to work with related departments to research and propose technical standards for informatization sector; to guide the quality management of electronics and information technology products; to guide and facilitate the establishment of information technology innovation mechanism in enterprises; to promote the development of software sector, information service sector and newly emerged industries, and promote the merge of informatization and industrialization.
6 To draft and implement policies on the promotion of energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources and clean production in industry, informatization, shipping and ocean industry, push forward system reforms and management innovation in industry, informatization, shipping and ocean industry, increase industrial comprehensive quality and core competitiveness, and direct related industries to strengthen safe production management.
7 To organize and implement the adjustment of industrial layout in urban and rural areas, the transformation of old industrial parks and the upgrading of industries, promote the development of creative industry according to the new area economic and social development overall plan as well as the direction and policies of industrial development ; to make medium and long term plans on the construction of industrial parks, encourage industrial projects to move to industrial parks, and adjust the industrial layout; to comprehensively coordinate the construction and development of industrial development regions.
8 To establish the working system serving industry, shipping, ocean and information industry in the whole society; to strengthen service for state-owned enterprises in Shanghai; to guide and promote the growth of small and middle-sized enterprises(SMEs), set up and perfect service system for SMEs; to administrate and guide the work of related trade associations.
9 To promote the development of productive service industry, corporate with related departments to facilitated the growth of modern logistic sectors, and promote the merged development of service industry and manufacturing industry.
10 To guide and coordinate the development and employment of information resources, enterprise informatization, the development of e-government, the popularization of e-commerce and the promotion of the application of informatization in various social and economic sectors; to coordinate and administrate the sharing of social public information resources; to organize and coordinate the trans-department, trans-industry and trans-field application of informatization.
11 To program, coordinate and manage the construction of information infrastructure within the new area; to organize and guide related departments to make plans on communication pipelines, public communication network and private information network and undertake respect management; to coordinate major matters occurred on telecommunication market concerning public interests; to be responsible for the interconnection of networks serving the society that cross industries and departments.
12 To organize and coordinate the establishment of information security assurance system; to guide and coordinate information security and protection; to coordinate and handle major events related to network and information security; to strengthen supervision and management over information network security technology, facilities and products; to undertake concrete work of network and information security coordination group in the new area; to organize, coordinate and guide information advocacy and training, informatization knowledge popularization information talents forecast and planning.
13 To organize, coordinate and promote the development of smart card industry; to organize, coordinate and guide the implementation of the smart cards application projects and the popularization of application of smart cards; to organize, coordinate and promote the development of bankcard industry and popularize various applications of bank cards; to promote the commercialization and application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other technologies.
14 To promote the establishment of social credibility system for private individuals and enterprises and that covers all aspects of social and economic life, to guide credit services sector, promote its training and development, organize and coordinate the development and sharing of credit information resources.
15 To study and draft new area regulatory documents and policies on shipping according to the new area reality and organize enforcement; to carry out opinions and requirements about the construction of municipal shipping center
16 To organize and conduct monographic study on shipping logistics, shipping service industry and shipping finance and to seek to set up shipping service centre, public shipping service center, shipping association and other related institutions.
17 To promote the construction of customs clearance procedures, perfect the management and service of land and sea ports and one-stop service in order to create a service environment of high efficiency and quality for the development of the new area shipping industry.
18 To assume the responsibility for the comprehensive coordination of marine environmental monitoring, scientific research, exploitation and utilization of marine resources within the new area according to law ; to organize and administrate marine natural resources divided and authorized by the state, make overall plans and coordinate major projects and industries of marine economy, assume responsibility for monitoring and evaluation of the operation of marine economy and distribution of information; to propose suggestions about the optimization of marine economic structure and adjustment of industrial layout with related departments , and organize and implement statistical check work about the development of marine economy and social development; to conduct energy-saving and emission-reduction work on marine field, address climate change , and promote the reasonable development and employment of marine resources.
19 To be in charge of the supervision and management over territorial waters of within the new area, the initial trial of the employ for utilization of territorial waters authorized by the government and the implementation of systems for sea ownership management and paid utilization of sea; to participate in approval and supervision of major sea and costal zone projects and other projects on exploiting marine mineral resources, sand and oil gas, and the pavement of submarine cables, pipelines and the installing of man-made structures at sea; to manage the profiles on the comprehensive survey and development of marine resources.
20 To assume responsibility for the protection of marine environment and ecology, organize research, supervision and evaluation of marine environment according to law; to carry out overall plans, standards made by higher authorities for the protection and renovation of the environment, implement the state standard for pollutant discharged into sea and the system for controlling its total quantity; to participate in the environmental protection work of preventing and controlling the marine pollution; to develop the construction of marine environment security control system and routine operation management.
21 To implement cruise monitoring, supervision and management in appointed area, carry out supervision over maritime administration law enforcement according to law; to coordinate the sea emergency processing; to participate in the management of foreign-related marine scientific research, the construction of sea equipments, submarine projects and other marine development plans.
22 To study and draft related regulatory documents and standards regarding administration and supervision on work safety within the new area.
23 To plan and organize supervision and check on work safety (hazardous chemicals, to keep occupational health in workplaces), special examination and special rectification work within the new area.
24 To be in charge of the safe production of hazardous chemical and the comprehensive supervision and management of occupational hazards in workplaces, plan, organize and implement the supervision and management over the productivity, operation, storage, companies of using hazardous chemicals and workplaces; to be responsible for transport of hazardous chemicals, punishment of related departments and enterprises supervision and check.
25 To be in charge of the construction of emergency rescue system within the new area; to organize and direct the establishment and management of emergency preplan and the management of emergency rescue equipments, experts, goods and materials; to direct the construction of emergency rescue team and emergency drill.
26 To organize, direct and coordinate emergency rescue work of industrial accidents; to be in charge of the management of work safety emergency on duty.
27 To undertake other tasks assigned by People's Government of Pudong New Area.
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