China Daily Updated:2022-11-08

The Hongqiao International Economic Forum is a significant part of the annual China International Import Expo. The fifth Hongqiao Forum is themed Stimulation of Opening-up Impetus and Sharing of Cooperation Opportunities. In addition to the main forum, a high-level session titled RCEP Spurs Higher-level Opening-Up and the International Symposium on the Release of the World Openness Report 2022 are ongoing, at which the latest World Openness Index is released. The parallel sessions are divided into three sections known as "Opening-up: Responsibilities and Actions,""Opening-up: Governance Mechanisms" and "Opening-up: Sharing Achievements". The following are topics of the parallel sessions.

1. Forum on RCEP and Higher-level Opening-Up

The forum has in-depth discussions on the impact of RCEP's implementation on regional and global economic development, as well as its role in strengthening regional and global industrial and supply chain cooperation. It aims to explore effective ways to promote trade and investment cooperation, achieve a higher-level of openness, and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.

2. International Symposium on Release of World Openness Report 2022

On the basis of last year's success, CIIE organizers continue to organize the International Symposium on the Release of the World Openness Report 2022. Government representatives, heads of international organizations, world-renowned experts and scholars are in attendance to conduct in-depth discussions and contribute their wisdom to promoting global open cooperation and supporting the world's economic recovery.

3. Acting on the Global Development Initiative to Build World-class Enterprises

Focusing on the global development initiative, the subforum invites leaders of well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises, representatives from international organizations, experts, scholars and government officials to give keynote speeches about building world-class enterprises from a number of different perspectives. Those perspectives include fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining the stability of global industrial and supply chains, green and low-carbon development and improving people's livelihood. These discussions center on building a community with a shared future for mankind through high-quality and responsible development while achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In addition to an action plan for practicing the global development initiatives and building world-class enterprises, the forum issues a blue paper on overseas social responsibility of central government-owned enterprises, as well as a white paper on enterprises' action toward carbon neutrality targets. It aims to demonstrate the efforts and effectiveness of enterprises from different industries and countries in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities, improving people's livelihood and striving for green and low-carbon development.

4. Accelerating Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization through South-South Cooperation Exploring the Role of Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones

The subforum aims to offer a high-end dialogue and exchange platform for international public and private sectors and academic communities, in a bid to promote more open and equitable global development through inclusive and sustainable industrialization. The parallel session invites representatives from governments, international organizations, financial, academic and research institutions, and enterprises from China and relevant developing countries to share international and Chinese experience on industrial parks and special economic zones to advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. During the session, UNIDO releases outcome documents related to industrial parks.

5. Innovative Development of Digital Trade: Opportunities and Challenges

The subforum focuses on the status-quo and future trends of digital trade development as well as the level of digital trade opening-up of major global economies, the impact of digital trade development and opening-up on world economic development, and how to promote international cooperation on digital trade opening-up.

6. Promoting Global Food Security and Rural Revitalization with Economic and Trade Cooperation

This subforum embodies the new development concept while closely following changes in global agricultural and rural development. It sends a "Hongqiao voice" to strengthen global agricultural economic and trade cooperation, jointly addresses risks and challenges, and promotes global food security and rural revitalization together.

7. Advancing Supply Chain Sustainability through Cooperation on Corporate Social Responsibility

The subforum is set to be a platform for discussing how all parties involved can practice corporate social responsibility, cooperating to promote industrial chain sustainability and maintaining the security and stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain under new circumstances. Representatives from governments, international organizations, leading enterprises, industry associations, research institutions and other parties are invited to participate in discussions, both online and on-site. A raft of reports are released to showcase the practice and outcomes of Chinese enterprises in the field of industry and information technology in fulfilling their social responsibility and promoting sustainable development.

8. China Capital Market High-quality Opening-up

The subforum has discussions on new policies and initiatives to promote the all-around institutional opening-up of capital markets in China, and also to enhance the capability of Shanghai as an international financial center. It contributes wisdom to improving the resource allocation function of China's capital market and efficiently serves the development of the real economy. Representatives from domestic and foreign securities firms, asset management companies, commercial banks and trusts are participating in the subforum.

9. China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum

The China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum has been successfully held for four times. The fifth session further promotes the alignment of domestic rules with international economic and trade rules and attaches great importance on the construction of the pilot free trade zone, China-Singapore digital trade cooperation, opening-up of the service industry to the outside world, digital infrastructure construction, cross-border data flow and other popular frontier topics.

10. Opening-up and Governance of Digital Economy

The subforum aims to build an international exchange platform for the digital economy, promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the digital economy, facilitate the sharing of digital economy dividends and support global economic development.

Guests from governments, and the academic and business communities are invited to share global and Chinese experiences in digital economy opening-up and governance, the practice of digital economy development and governance in China, how digital economy opening-up and governance can enhance national competitiveness and innovation, the opportunities and challenges of digital economy opening-up for multinational companies, the impact of digital economy governance on future economic and social development, and the cutting-edge technologies of digital economy development.

11. International Cooperation on Intellectual Property Protection and Campaign against Infringement and Counterfeits

The subforum aims to build a global exchange platform for protecting intellectual property rights and combating infringement and counterfeiting. It aims to provide suggestions for global governance in this regard. It serves as a platform to deeply analyze the new situation and challenges in the fight against infringement and counterfeiting while exploring feasible ways to strengthen IPR protection, stimulate the potential and vitality of cooperation, gather the wisdom and strength of all parties, and promote global governance of infringement and counterfeiting.

The forum features members of the Office of the National Leading Group in the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting in China, international organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property officials from foreign embassies (missions) in China, renowned experts and scholars, and representatives of famous enterprises at home and abroad.

12. Emergency Management Mechanism and Capacity Modernization under the New Development Paradigm

The subforum invites guests from the governments, academic and business communities at home and abroad to discuss how to improve the ability to coordinate development and security, as well as how to jointly enhance natural disaster prevention and emergency management capabilities through international cooperation in emergency management, in a bid to boost economic recovery and achieve a higher level of sustainable global development.

13. Promoting Industry High-quality Development and Building a Health Community for a Shared Prosperous Future for Mankind

The subforum includes dialogues to promote sustainable development and inclusive growth, establish a global public health governance system and build a health community of shared prosperous future for mankind. Government officials, academicians and experts, business representatives and heads of international organizations both at home and abroad are invited to conduct in-depth discussions on issues such as the efficient coordination of COVID-19 prevention and control, the role of COVID-19 in driving the transformation of the global social governance system, the promotion of high-quality development in the health industry, and the role of youth in the construction of national health systems and sustainable economic and social development.

14. High-level Institutional Opening-up in Pudong and Global Economic Governance

The subforum focuses on gathering knowledge of all parties to promote institutional opening-up in terms of rules, regulations, management, and standards, along with taking the lead in building high-standard international economic and trade rules and systems. This can help turn Pudong New Area of Shanghai into a functional hub for China's deep integration into global economic development and governance while contributing China's strength to improving global economic governance.

The subforum is planned to consist of three parts: Pudong New Area promotion, welcome and keynote speeches, and interactive discussions. The promotion session showcases achievements of Pudong in promoting institutional opening-up. It further introduces Pudong to the world. It also improves Shanghai's soft power and investment attractiveness. Government officials, experts and representatives of world-renowned enterprises participate in the event.

15. 2022 Forum on Global Talent Mobility and Development

The subforum brings together international business leaders, governmental officials and community stakeholders for discussions on global talent and innovation center construction, talent demand of multinational corporations, international talent policy innovation, and high-caliber talent training and mechanism innovation. It aims to expand cultural diversity and increase demand for cooperation.

16. "Belt and Road" Initiative: Enterprise Integrity, Ethics and Compliance

Based on the new trend that favors honesty and compliance at home and abroad, this subforum aims to help strengthen the awareness of honesty and compliance of enterprises. It also aims to explore ways to improve Chinese companies' governance ability, while supporting China to realize a higher level of opening-up to the outside world.

This sub-forum holds discussions on the construction of enterprise integrity and compliance under the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, to help form an opening pattern to the outside world. Attendees at the subforum include leaders from Tsinghua University and officials from Chinese government departments, including the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Attendees also include experts and scholars in the field of integrity and compliance at home and abroad, consultant experts of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and central government-owned enterprises, multinational enterprises and private enterprises participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

17. China's Development Blueprint and Global Development Opportunities

18. Sharing Opportunities in Global Aging

Representatives from governments, international organizations, foreign countries and regions, research institutes, financial institutions and enterprises are invited to discuss international practices in coping with population aging, effective paths for developing the silver economy and international cooperation areas. The representatives also contribute wisdom for human society to actively respond to aging and share opportunities for the development of the silver economy.

19. Industrial Internet Enables the Manufacturing Industry to Achieve High-Quality Development

The subforum focuses on topics such as enabling digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, industrial chain modernization and advancing digital transformation to become more high-end, intelligent and green. It includes keynote speeches, panel discussions and other forms of activities, through which guests share advanced experiences and offer suggestions for developing the Industrial Internet to boost the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

20. Finance Supports the Stability of Industry Chain and Supply Chain

The subforum consists of two parts: keynote speeches and a panel discussion. Representatives from ministries and international organizations are invited to deliver keynote speeches. During the panel discussion, government officials, and scholars and representatives from renowned enterprises exchange ideas on how finance can play an important role in the global economic recovery and the joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They also detail how enterprises can use financial products to reduce business risks and enhance business efficiency, and discuss the role of commercial banks in serving multilateral and bilateral economic and trade cooperation. They look at strategies for stabilizing and strengthening the industry chain and supply chain, along with future moves.

21. Transition Finance Facilitates Green and Low-Carbon Development

This subforum invites heads of government departments, international organizations and finance institutions, and scholars and representatives of big-name enterprises to deliver keynote speeches and discuss significant trends. Representatives from 22 countries and regions take part in the forum. During the forum, a series of achievements are released, including BRBR green bond, the brand of "ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) green bank plus "and a research report on transformation finance.

22. Construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub

Titled "Connecting the World, Enjoying the Open Future", this subforum invites representatives from governments, businesses, the academic and research institutes to share their insights. Sharing similarities with the title of China International Import Expo — "New Era, Shared Future" — the forum is committed to connecting the world, showing its confidence in future development.

23. Seminar on Release of Technology Trend and Prospect for Public Healthcare Industry

The report on the development trends and prospects of big health research and transformation are released to help promote research and development of big health industry as well as the integrated development of basic research and industrial applications. At the release event, officials, the academics, experts and enterprise representatives discuss hot-button topics such as disease control and health promotion, disease screening and diagnosis, disease treatment management and public health. It aims to provide a scientific basis for global R&D and strategic deployment of big health technology, while promoting high-quality and sustainable development in big health industry.

24. US-funded Enterprises and CIIE: Retrospect and Prospect at the Fifth Anniversary (Closed-door Meeting)

Since the first edition of the CIIE in 2018, enterprises from the United States have been paying great attention to the annual trade event and actively participating in it. The subforum helps to promote communication between US enterprises and related parties from China, enhance the confidence of US enterprises in China and bolster the healthy development of the trade relationship between China and the United States.


National Convention Center (Shanghai) is the main venue for the annual Hongqiao International Economic Forum.