Common platform for music enthusiasts

China Daily Updated:2021-09-23


Yin Yang (right), a brand marketing planner, and Jiang Chao, a graphic designer, form a singing group Glee. They will participate in the October music festival Shake It Off. [Photo by Xing Yi/China Daily]

Training session

Every month, a training session is organized by the company at the plaza and participants can get professional exercises and tips on singing skills and stage performances.

Chen Chen, one of the music teachers who has taught music for six years, says he is impressed by the passion of the participants.

"I can just teach them basic music theories and help them find their best voice, but their dedication to sharing with others through music is something that cannot be taught," says Chen.

"It's a very precious opportunity for ordinary music lovers who are not professional singers to have professional training and stage experience, which will help to build up their self-confidence and give wings to their dreams."

Le Yue, a graphic designer, has attended Chen's class twice since she joined the project in August. "Last time, the teacher taught us how to sing a cappella version of the song Snail by Jay Chou. It was amazing!"

Le says she was in a band and even did some commercial performances when she was still in college more than 10 years ago, but she didn't pursue a career in music after she got a job, got married and had a baby.

"But music is always deep in my heart," she says, adding that a choir where she went recommended the project to her.

"I love this project. It's well organized and people are young, warm and nice to each other. And I have made friends from different professions but with the same passion for music," Le says. "We are all ordinary people who hold on to our dreams."

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