Citizen Open University of Lingang launches online platform

en.lgxc.gov.cn Updated:2020-04-01

The Citizen Open University of Lingang (http://lg.sou.edu.cn) officially launched an online platform on March 28.

Six public welfare courses on literature, photography, floriculture, image management of women, the ukulele, and painting, as well as 100 online courses, are available on the platform.

The public welfare courses are open to citizens of Lin-gang Special Area and will offer online live lectures.

The courses cater to all kinds of people, including employees, the elderly, college students, and teenagers in the Lin-gang Special Area.

Citizens can enroll in the courses through the online platform of the Citizen Open University of Lingang.

Students will be awarded a certificate of completion upon finishing the course within a specified time. The corresponding course credits will be granted through the Shanghai Academic Credit Transfer and Accumulation Bank for Lifelong Education.

The Citizen Open University of Lingang was established on Nov 20, 2019 by Shanghai Open University and Shanghai Dianji University.