Pudong gears up to build six first-class industrial clusters

pudong.gov.cn Updated:2020-03-30

Pudong New District will roll out nine measures to accelerate the construction of six pillar industrial clusters, each estimated to be worth 100 billion yuan ($14.1 billion) or above by 2025, officials announced at a news conference on March 26.

According to the measures, a series of subsidies will be offered to attract innovative projects, skilled workers and fixed asset investment in six industries - integrated circuits, medicine, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and software and information services.

"The maximum subsidy for a company is 50 million yuan," said Tang Shiqing, director of the district's sci-tech and economy commission. "The government is sending a strong signal to boost the six industrial sectors."

The measures also promote the optimization of industrial-use land management and the integration of industrial, R&D, office and commercial spaces.

High-end industrial companies are encouraged to make full use of the land by transforming and extending their current work place and upgrading production equipment and technology, in a bid to increase scale and enhance production capacity.

"The measures are meant to increase the efficiency of land use. The government will also streamline relevant procedures and lower costs for companies," said Tang.