Ordinary people join in battle against novel coronavirus in Pudong

pudong.gov.cn Updated:2020-02-12

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, not only government officials and medical staff, but also ordinary people in Pudong New Area have been contributing to the fight against the virus.

"I'm old. There's not much I can do to help, so let me donate some money," said Lu Xiuying, an 87-year-old retired Party member in Datuan town, who donated 30,000 yuan ($4,303) to the neighborhood committee on Feb 8 and entrusted the committee to donate her money to Wuhan.

"As a Party member, I should set an example and contribute," said Lu.

In Zhoupu town, several female cadres and residents of Kangtai community volunteered to help make protective suits at a local company facing labor shortages.

This was the first time in their lives they had done this sort of work, and they spent hours every day working in the factory.

"We feel honored to have the opportunity to make these suits, and we hope they will help protect medical workers on the frontlines," said Xia Lianying, chair of the community's women's association.

Cao Lizhen, a senior resident of Lujiazui sub-district, donated 10,000 yuan to the neighborhood committee to buy protective supplies for her community's social workers. The Lujiazui Community Public Welfare Foundation took the money and added another 10,000 yuan to establish a special fund for virus control in communities. The fund will be used to buy protective supplies for community social workers and volunteers.

The fund received many donations from neighboring communities.

In Shenzhuang village, Hangtou town, a special volunteer team consisting of 10 residents who are from outside Shanghai helped look after five households of 18 people who had been quarantined for medical observation, buying daily necessities and conveying messages for them.

"We are a part of this village and we feel obligated to protect our homeland," said one volunteer.

Other contributors include Zhou Yuping, who helped community social workers examine information about tenants, Zhu Guanghong who helped community residents buy face masks through online reservations, and Yao Xuyang, who is studying abroad and encouraged overseas Chinese students to buy face masks and send them to China.