Shanghai sends two medical teams to Wuhan

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2020-02-06


A medical team from Shanghai East Hospital sets off for Wuhan in Hubei province Feb 4. [Photo/pdtimes.com.cn]

Shanghai sent two emergency medical teams to Wuhan in Hubei province to reinforce local medical treatment Feb 4.

Due to the urgent need for prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, according to the notice issued by the National Health Commission Feb 3, Shanghai needed to put together two national emergency medical rescue teams within 24 hours.

The teams consisted of 55 people from Shanghai East Hospital and 40 people from Huashan Hospital.

The medical team sent by Shanghai East Hospital set off for Wuhan in two groups of medical staff and logistic support personnel, which can independently undertake the emergency treatment during public health emergencies.

A mobile hospital, with eight international specialized medical rescue vehicles, carrying 30 tons of necessary medical supplies also set off for Wuhan with the teams.

The mobile hospital can quickly set up a fever clinic with complete functions, including 40 ordinary beds and eight intensive care beds, facilities for outpatient examinations and inspections, an isolation observation room, an infusion room and a pharmacy.