Cross-border technology trade center inaugurated in Lin-gang

pudong.gov.cn Updated:2019-12-26


An aerial view of the Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Shanghai [Photo by Gao Erqiang/China Daily]

The Lin-gang Special Area of the China Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone inaugurated a global cross-border technology trade center on Dec 24 to attract resources relating to the transfer and trade of technology.

Co-founders of the center include the National Technology Transfer East Center, the Shanghai Technology Trade Exchange, the Shanghai Lin-gang Group, and the Shanghai United Media Group.

The center will cooperate with technology transfer organizations, technology services providers, renowned universities and research institutes, securities exchanges, and financial institutions at home and abroad to boost international trade in technology.

It will create a cross-border technology trade system that meets international standards in order to connect technology suppliers and consumers, breaking technical barriers to trade under the premise of intellectual property protection.

To overcome difficulties in cross-border technology trade, the center will also form a fund pool to increase exchange freedom.

Overseas companies with cutting-edge technology will enjoy supporting policy, market, and fund services to facilitate their entry into the Chinese market after being incubated in Lin-gang.

Services for testing new technologies and certifying intellectual property are also available at the center in order to enhance cross-border R&D cooperation.

In addition, the center will provide opportunities for talent from a variety of countries to work together in the tech field and provide support for domestic talent looking to participate in technology transfer programs in other countries.

The center plans to invite many domestic and overseas institutions involved in technology transfer and trade to establish offices in Lin-gang. It will also provide foreign scientists, entrepreneurs, and technological projects with the proper support to develop successfully in Lin-gang.

The Lin-gang Special Area, launched on Aug 20, has released a series of policies aimed at attracting more talent, financial support, and industrial innovation. It is expected to grow into a special economic zone with strong global influence and competitiveness by 2035.