Sino-EU Innovation Summit kicks off in Pudong

pudong.gov.cn Updated:2019-12-06


Attendees of the Sino-EU Innovation Summit visit AI Island in Zhangjiang, Pudong on Dec 5. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]

The Sino-EU Innovation Summit kicked off on Dec 5 in AI Island in Zhangjiang, Pudong. It is aimed at enhancing cooperation between China and Europe in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

The event attracted 20 renowned innovation institutes from nine European countries and 28 scientific and technological innovation enterprises from 12 European countries seeking to find partners and expand their business in China.

During the summit, the InnoEU Innovation Platform of Europe, the Innovation Center of Humboldt University of Berlin, and Zhangjiang Group signed agreements to cooperate on projects in Shanghai.

The InnoEU Innovation Platform based in Berlin, Germany is strong in technology, talent, capital and marketing, as it connects more than 200 innovation institutes, 8,000 scientific and technological innovation enterprises, 50 universities and institutes, and numerous investment institutions across Europe.

Infrasolid, a high-tech technology startup in Germany, attended the summit with the InnoEU Innovation Platform. The company's two co-founders spent five years finishing developing the latest infrared measuring technology, which can be used to monitor food and exhaust using only light.

A co-founder of Tobias Autor has also made plans to do business in China, as products using the company's latest technology recently came to market in Germany.

"China is more receptive to new things than Europe and boasts a huge market," said Autor. "This summit is a good opportunity for cooperation. I hope to use it as a platform to expand into China."

The 28 scientific and technological innovation enterprises engaged in sectors such as intelligent manufacturing, semiconductors, quantum communication, and new energy batteries came in search of a new market and new partners in China.

Cellugy, a biotechnology company in Denmark, has been working to solve issues related ot plastic packaging. "China's awareness of environmental protection is improving and Zhangjiang's innovation environment is very similar to Denmark's. We can find an innovation partner here," said Selena Leica, the company's business manager.

The InnoEU Innovation Platform and Zhangjiang are planning to help innovative enterprises that were founded between three and eight years ago increase business in Shanghai. The two sides will also work together to promote cooperation between enterprises in China and Europe.

Fu Jun, deputy director of the Administration of Zhangjiang, said that Zhangjiang has attracted 167 foreign R&D institutions and is expected to receive over $1.9 billion in foreign capital, maintaining double-digit annual growth. "Zhangjiang's vitality comes from its enterprises. It will continue opening its doors to internationally-renowned innovation centers."

Ferdinand Baltes, president of the InnoEU Innovation Platform, said that Zhangjiang has a world-leading innovation environment. "We are very happy to cooperate with Zhangjiang and look forward to developing more projects here."

Yuan Tao, chairman of Zhangjiang Group, said that "Zhangjiang's strength in scientific research and innovation and Europe's advanced technology will help the two sides integrate global resources to drive the growth of science and technology enterprises and boost entrepreneurship and innovation in Zhangjiang."