AI Challenge calls for innovative action

pudong.gov.cn Updated:2019-10-23


The Zhangjiang International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenge attracts more than 500 projects from around the world. [Photo/pdtimes.com.cn]

The Zhangjiang International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenge was recently launched to explore innovative applications of AI technology.

The event has attracted more than 500 projects from around the world involved in a variety of fields, including self-driving cars, intelligent robots, 3D visual recognition, and smart logistics.

An alliance for the integrated development of large, medium, and small enterprises and an incubating platform for multinational companies jointly hosted the challenge.

Wu Jiaxiang, president of the incubating platform, said he hoped the event would bring more innovative technology to the market and connect companies of all sizes.

Jiang Liang, head of the innovation department of Eastern Air Logistics Co, said the company has recently been focusing on developing smart logistics, which includes a logistics business, infrastructure, information, and communications.

Xu Weijie, a marketing director at IBM, a multinational technology and consulting corporation, said the company will provide support to participants by making use of its advanced experience and technology and will help develop small and medium-sized enterprises by showcasing their products to the world.

Lei Yazhou, vice director of the Zhangjiang High-tech Entrepreneurship Center, said the event is part of Zhangjiang's efforts to promote industrial upgrading, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He encouraged more multinational corporations and startups to work together on technological innovation.