Zhangjiang AI island offers a world of intelligence

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2019-07-24


AIsland Experience Center offers a raft of fascinating attractions in Zhangjiang Science City, in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai [Photo/pdtimes.com.cn]

Unmanned aerial vehicles, cleaning robots, security robots, unpiloted shuttle buses, unmanned surveillance vessels, intelligent underwater cruise robots….enthusiasts say the advanced technologies on hand at Zhangjiang AIsland is making the area a land of the future and a national and global highland for artificial intelligence.

As the first 5G+AI commercial demonstration area in Shanghai, the zone, known as the AIsland, has hosted over 110 latest AI related products from 60 companies in the areas of intelligent security, intelligent office and intelligent garbage classification.

The 66,000-square-meter hub is the latest demonstration zone in the wake of a central government decision in May to launch the Shanghai National Pilot Area for the Innovative Development of New-Generation AI, the first of its kind nationwide.

The AI zone focuses on improving the intelligence levels of the area by giving full play to advanced technologies and products such as 5G, AI and edge computing.

"Ninety percent of the area's products are developed by Zhangjiang based companies," said an official in the zone which is now home to 30 application scenarios.

"We provide them with a platform to test and commercialize their technologies so that they can better promote and industrialize their products.”

To date, a total of 12 scenarios in the Zhangjiang AIsland have been selected as Shanghai's first AI application scenarios. The AI technologies have been used in schools, hospitals, communities, banks, transport and a governmental data management center on the island.

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