Shanghai gets integrated circuit design industrial park

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-12-06


Li Qiang (second from right), Party secretary of Shanghai, and Ying Yong (first from right), mayor of Shanghai, meet leaders of companies moving into the Shanghai Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Industrial Park on Nov 28. [Photo/eastday.com]

The Shanghai Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Industrial Park, located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong, was inaugurated on Nov 28.

According to the planning, the park will cover about 3 square kilometers and will bring together leading Chinese and overseas design companies, talented personnel and scientific research institutes.

It aims to develop into a professional IC design industrial park with the most advanced technology, most abundant products, most innovative resources, and well-developed supporting facilities to promote the integrated development of the city’s IC industrial chain.

A batch of companies and projects, including Tsinghua Unigroup and Will Semiconductor Co Shanghai, have announced they will move in the park and have signed cooperation deals.

Li Qiang, Party Secretary of Shanghai, said that IC is one of the city's key industries and officials will further develop the industry to make it a representative of Made in Shanghai.

Li welcomed the arrival of companies like Tsinghua Unigroup and said he expected more IC companies to invest and develop in Shanghai.

The Party secretary also vowed to create a world-class business environment to better serve the companies and help them grow further in Shanghai.

Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai, agreed with Li about giving strong support to the IC industry to optimize the business environment.

Company leaders including Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup, thanked the government for its support, and considered that Shanghai's IC industry has promising prospects, and companies will increase investments in research and development and contribute to the development of the industry.


Shanghai municipal government signs a cooperation deal with Tsinghua Unigroup Nov 28. [Photo/eastday.com]


Integrated circuit-related company leaders attend a meeting with Shanghai officials Nov 28. [Photo/eastday.com]