Entrepreneurship camp opens in Zhangjiang High Tech Park

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-09-13


Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Shanghai's Pudong New Area starts its seventh 895 Entrepreneurship Camp on Sept 7, with 36 start-up teams participating. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]

Start-up teams from Pudong joined in at the Sept 7 launch of the seventh 895 Entrepreneurship Camp in Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Most of participants were winners of 2018 Pudong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which granted them access to the national final.

The teams, specializing in integrated circuits, internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, are considered the highest level start-up forces in Pudong. 

Zhangjiang has pledged full support to the teams, many of which are expected to develop into "unicorn enterprises" (start-up firms valued at over $1 billion), said Zhang Ling, deputy director of Zhangjiang administrative committee.

Start-up team founders said they were excited to join the camp and hoped to have the chance to pick the brains of top investors and entrepreneurs.

The 895 Entrepreneurship Camp is an innovation and entrepreneurship service platform, where participants can both learn and take advantage of Zhangjiang's resources to find suppliers, investors and partners.

Since its beginnings, the camp has assisted a total of 230 start-up teams and nurtured now-established industry players like Fourier Intelligence, TMiRob and Corerain Technologies.

Zhangjiang, a high-tech innovation hub in Shanghai, is home to a large number of sci-tech firms, scientific facilities, and multinational groups.


Zhang Ling, deputy director of Zhangjiang administrative committee, gives a speech at the opening ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]


Participants of the seventh 895 Entrepreneurship Camp pose for a group photo. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]