Planning of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park unveiled

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-03-29


A news conference is held in Shanghai on March 26 to unveil the overall planning of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. [Photo/Xinhua]

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, designed to be world's most advanced ocean park, unveiled its planning on March 26.

The park, located in Lingang New City, covers a total area of 29.7 hectares and consists of five theme areas and an ocean-featured resort hotel.

The theme areas are constituted of six exhibition pavilions, three venues for animal interaction and performances, two cinemas, and more than 10 entertainment facilities.

Visitors can enjoy a marvelous ocean trip in the park, which houses a mermaid bay, North Europe-style polar town, fancy ice kingdom, magical underwater world, and mysterious ocean tribes.

Seven cute marine animal cartoon images featuring polar bear, penguin, dolphin, sea lion, jellyfish, killer whale, and whale shark were also revealed as symbols of the park.

The park is slated to start operation on Sept 28.


Wang Wei, chairman of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, introduces the project on March 26. [Photo/Xinhua]


Seven cute marine animal cartoon images show up at the news conference of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park on March 26. [Photo/Xinhua]