Pudong makes efforts to hold more cultural activities

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-02-09

Pudong will carry out more cultural activities to enrich the lives of the public in 2018, according to a news report published on Pudong's website on Feb 8.

Just like before, Pudong will continue to advance the development of major cultural projects such as Shanghai Museum, Pudong Art Museums and Shanghai Library. Moreover, Pudong will hold more cultural activities in communities or the activity centers. One of the plans is to broadcast more films and stage more opera performances.

Since Pudong boasts a great number of renowned artists, they will also create music and theatres to let more people learn about Pudong's culture.

In addition, Pudong will try to enlarge the cultural space, for example, Pudong will start constructing Pudong New Area Youth Activity Center, a four-storey building, where citizens can watch art performances, attend lectures, visit the exhibitions and also create art works by themselves.

Nanhui New City will be the target of the key construction in 2018 and Pudong will build Lingang Art Center and Fulei Library in the district to make book resources easily accessible to the public.

As one of the special programs, Pudong will hold reading activities at its reading areas, such as the libraries on the World's Reading Day, which falls on April 23. 

Pudong also plans to spread its local culture and tradition, so it has invited national art groups to make Pudong-themed art works, which is a window to showcase Pudong's glamour. For example, China National Symphony Orchestra will compose a symphony themed upon Pudong's local culture and Central National Orchestra will create Pipa to show Pudongh's charm. A TV drama named Big Pudong has also been shot, relating to the historical development of Pudong.  


Shanghai Museum. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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