Pudong will hold activities to welcome the year of the dog

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-02-07

Pudong will hold several activities to celebrate the year of the dog according to a news report published on Pudong's website on Feb 6.

Since 2018 is the year of the dog, Pudong plans to launch several special activities to let the public get closer contact with dogs.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a place that publicizes the knowledge of science, will hold a series of dog-themed exhibitions, including specimen of dogs. In addition, there will be interactive games with real dogs, and visitors can watch films related to the lives of dogs to discover more about the less-known aspects of dogs. These interesting activities aim to let people know how to get on well with this special animal.

Moreover, Shanghai Wild Animal Park also plans to show different sorts of real dogs, such as Tenerife dogs, dachshunds and chow chows, where the visitor can have the chance to see dogs from foreign countries.

Besides, the Century Park will exhibit artworks including ceramics, sculptures, calligraphies, paintings which include the elements of dogs.

Pudong will also hold several activities regarding Chinese folk culture and traditions.

In the Jin Mao Tower, professional performers will put on Peking operas to awaken the memories of Chinese traditional culture. The public can also try on Peking Opera costumes to savor the glamour of the theatre.

The Disney Town, which is close to the Disney Land will also hold activities themed upon around traditional culture, such as paper cutting, composition of spring festival scrolls and creating dough figurines. The art masters will also be present to show their techniques and ways in which they create such kind of artworks.

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The dog show, one of the programs launched by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has attacted a number of visitors. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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