Zhoupu’s 15th Art Festival concludes

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2018-01-11

Zhoupu's 15th Art Festival concluded on Jan 6 and the closing ceremony was held in the theatre of Zhoupu Town's Culture Service Center.

During the art festival, more than 100 cultural activities were held and over 150 thousand people participated. The activities were presented in several forms, such as singing, dancing and opera and these colorful activities have greatly enriched the lives of local people.

During the closing ceremony, Chinese traditional music called Xi Yangyang was presented by an ensemble of traditional instruments to enliven the atmosphere of the stage. Then Latin dance, boxing show and Shanghai opera were staged, attracting a lot of people.

All the stage shows were designed by the art groups and art lovers in the town and with this more local people could take an active part in the event.

The organizers of the event said that the art festival is meaningful in that it provides a platform to display Pudong's charm, such as Pudong's culture, history and tradition to the outside world. 


A dancing performace is presented at the closing ceremony of the art festival. [Photo/ pudong.gov.cn]

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