2018 Oriental Pearl Running event

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-12-29


Oriental Pearl Tower. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The 23rd annual Oriental Pearl Running event will take place in Shanghai on Jan 1. The run will be held in the shadow of the iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai's Pudong district, and will culminate with runners running up the tower's staircase. The event is aimed to publicize a healthy lifestyle by doing sports. It will take place on New Year's Day because of the special significance the date has, with the runners running to embrace a brand new year. A portion of the revenue raised will be donated to the Shanghai United Foundation to help children with lead poisoning. 

Time of the event:

9 am, Jan 1, 2018


There will be two running groups. A group which is competitive, and a group which is running for fun.

Running course for the groups:

a. Running to compete: From the square of Oriental Pearl to 259-meter-high transparent sightseeing gallery

b. Running for fun: From the square of Oriental Pearl to 90-meter-high sightseeing floor

Registration time:

Dec 7- 6pm Dec 24, 2017

Qualification for the race:

Anyone that has a valid health certificate or a certificate proving the completion of a half marathon or other similar sports events (it should be obtained between Jan 1, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017)


Anyone that has completed the whole course will be awarded a medal and a watch which is specially used to keep the time at the running events.

How to register:

Add the Wechat official account of Oriental Pearl (Account: dfmz1118)

Type in four Chinese characters "元旦登高"(yuan dan deng gao) at the account.

Registration Fee:

80 yuan/person

上海发布 观光长廊.png

259-meter-high transparent sightseeing gallery. [Photo/ WeChat account: Shanghai Fabu]