Italian-based catering company opens 1st Bistrot store in Lujiazui

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-12-06

Autogrill, an Italian-based, multinational catering company, recently opened its first Bistrot restaurant in China - Bistrot Shanghai Century Ave – at Bailian Century Mall in Shanghai's Lujiazui area.

Bistrot is a trademark of Autogrill, dedicated to meeting traditional and modern consumption habits and giving consumers authentic food flavor. Bistrot pays exceptional attention to food, ingredients, quality and origin.

Bistrot Shanghai Century Ave offers genuine Italian dishes including handmade pizzas and pastas, freshly baked breads, locally grown vegetables and carefully selected traditional products.


Bistrot Shanghai Century Ave, located in Shanghai's Lujiazui area, is the first Bistrot restaurant in China that Autogrill, an Italian-based, multinational catering company has opened.[Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]


Interior of the Bistrot Shanghai Century Ave, a newly-opened restaurant offering Italian dishes. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]


The Bistrot Shanghai Century Ave is decorated with floor-to-ceiling windows, enabling clients to enjoy the warm sunlight while eating. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]

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