Zhangjiang ushers in world's first big data company for drug R&D

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-12-04


Pharmacodia officials are cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony of Zhangjiang branch. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]

Pharmacodia, the world's first big data company for drug R&D, officially opens its branch in Zhangjiang, a high-tech park of Shanghai, on Nov 30. 

Founded in Beijing in 2013, Pharmacodia has been devoted to the research and application of drug data, providing advanced data resources and services for the biomedical industry.

Its customers now reach over 140 countries around the globe, ranging from government bodies, drug R&D enterprises to financial investment organizations.

Pharmacodia's choice of Zhangjiang as its branch place is largely based on this area's outstanding achievements in the biomedical field.

"As the cradle of China's medical research, Zhangjiang has gathered a large number of well-known global medical companies and biomedical innovators." said Li Jing, founder and CEO of Pharmacodia.

Data shows that 30 percent of China's new drug R&D institutions come from Zhangjiang; 30 percent of the national government's budget on new drug R&D goes to Zhangjiang; and 30 percent of China's first-category new drugs are produced in Zhangjiang.

"By utilizing its advantages in biomedical industry, we hope to foster an international biomedical ecosystem to push forward Zhangjiang's biomedical development." said Chen Weiwei, vice manager of Zhangjiang high-tech park.

Specifically, Pharmacodia will focus on two aspects in its business in Zhangjiang. One is setting up a platform to provide data and allocate resources for every link in the R&D process. The other is helping startups and investment organizations to measure the commercial value of drugs.


Li Jing, founder and CEO of Pharmacodia delivers his ideas at the opening. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiangfabu]