Zhangjiang displays its technologies at China International Industry Fair

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-11-10

Twelve enterprises from Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone are displaying their smart products at the 19th China International Industry Fair which lasts from Nov 7 till 11.  

Three of Zhangjiang's most advanced technologies- subway-inspection robots, smart chips and parking system, have received great attention.

Subway inspection robots

The inspection workload at Shanghai's subway network has increased due to ongoing expansion. To solve this problem, Zhangjiang's Qinggang robot team has designed an intelligent robot, which can do real-time monitor and collect data at key points. The information gathered by the robots can inform workers of defects, so that further loss or trouble is prevented.

Smart chips find wide application

The chips developed by Kunyun Information Technology Company can make detailed analysis at some key points. The chips can now be applied in several areas, such as the monitoring of infrastructures, remote control and even plane operation.

Parking system

Xi Boke company has created a parking system- RTPI, which has been awarded a national patent. The technology can provide information on whether a parking lot is vacant or not. Till date, more than 20 cities have deployed the technology. Thanks to this innovative system, the parking fee can be charged automatically, traffic jam has eased, and the management labor cost has been greatly reduced.

There are also other exhibitions, such as smoke- detecting alarm apparatus, gene testing service and molecule-aided diagnosis system at the Zhangjiang exhibition zone.