Finnish glass artwork brightens up Lujiazui skyscraper


Fifty two dazzling works of glass art were showcased at the Yunjian Art Museum in the Shanghai World Financial Center in Lujiazui Financial City from Oct 12 to 27.

The brightly-colored blown glass were crafted by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen, a master glassblower from Finland, and Pino Signoretto, an Italian glass art master.

The exhibits reflect various themes such as the "Four Seasons in Finland" and "Children of Finland", and depict the Scandinavian country's beautiful scenery as well as the power of beauty and love.

Four Seasons in Finland

This series depicts the beauty of the changing sceneries of the seasons in Finland.


Colored glass is blown into the shape of sprouting plants. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]


Entering Autumn resembles bouquets of red and white flowers. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]


Winter Veil looks like an ice column formed of frozen water. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]


Ice Storm embodies the power of nature. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijrc]

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