Kuopio delegation visit Pudong, Shanghai

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-10-17

Lu Fangzhou, deputy head of Pudong New District met with a delegation from the parliament of Kuopio, Finland on Oct 12.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of establishment of cooperative relation between Shanghai's Pudong New District and Finland's Kuopio city as well as the 100th year of Finland's independence.

To celebrate this special occasion, the delegation brought  a series of glass artworks designed by Ritva Liisa, a Kuopio-born artist and designer famous for decorating transparent glasses with flamboyant colors.  

The dazzling glass works along with an impressive array of photos and videos of Kuopio were exhibited with several different themes, such as Finland's Four Seasons and Finland's Children, radiating the charm of Finland and conveying human love and warmth.

Zhu Di, deputy head of Pudong New District hoped to use the visit to deepen the cooperation in fields such as education, culture, hygiene and technology, explaining that the two sides share common fields of research and both have great potential for innovation.

The Kuopio counterparts appeared receptive to Zhu's approach, with one of the delegates saying that he thought highly of his city's past cooperation with Pudong. He expects more meaningful cultural activities will be held to cement Sino-Finland friendship.