Artists use artistic talent to flaunt their love for their motherland in Shanghai

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-10-13

A number of freelance artists showcase and express their ardent love for China with their distinctive artworks in an art exhibition at the Shanghai-based China Art Museum from Oct 10 to 16.

215 pieces of work selected from 537 contributions will be showcased. The artworks take varying forms- painting, calligraphy, sculpture, pottery and photography and are presented to the public under four themes- Pulse of the times, Handing down the classics, Rebuilding the figures and Portrait of elegance.

Zhao Shuo, a freelance painter, showed three of his victorious oil paintings- Establishing Nanliang Revolutionary Base, Revolutionary Hero Zhang Xiushan and Success of Revolution in Sight, explaining that he wishes to use his artworks to educate more people on the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs.

In addition, the artist spoke highly of the event saying that it gave him an opportunity to meet others in his field. But he still hopes that an official organization could be established for freelance artists to collaborate.  

Chen Haibo, organizer of the exhibition, said that Shanghai's vigorous development and diverse culture makes it a paradise for freelance artists.

Furthermore, Shi Xiaolin, a member of municipal party committee, said that freelance artists have developed into a strong force pushing forward the development of Shanghai's art and affirmed that this exhibition is a significant move to facilitate their communication.