Lujiazui impresses Sri Lankan youngsters

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2017-09-07


A Sri Lankan youngster's impression of Shanghai reveals Lujiazui skyscrapers and the Huangpu River. [Photo/WeChat account: lujiazuijirc]

Lujiazui has become the most representative attraction in Shanghai, according to a variety of paintings drawn by Sri Lankan youngsters.

The paintings were entries in a painting competition that started in May, asking Sri Lankan children to paint the image of Shanghai in their eyes.

More than 2,100 paintings have been received so far, most of which depict the dazzling Oriental Pearl TV Tower, high-rise buildings, the winding Hangpu River and other views of Lujiazui.

The painting competition formed part of a city image promotion campaign launched by Shanghai in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka.

Apart from the painting competition, a writing and a speech contest have also been organized, encouraging Sri Lankan people to write down or speak about their feelings of Shanghai.

More than 930 essays have been submitted and over 480 contestants have registered for the speech contest so far.

After strict evaluation from panels of experts, winners in each competition were awarded on Aug 24.

Sri Lanka, an island country known as "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", boasts a beautiful coastal line, mysterious ancient cities, abundant natural resources, and unique history and culture.

Its capital Colombo has held a sister city relationship with Shanghai since 2014. This promotion campaign is expected to further enhance Sri Lankan people’s understanding of Shanghai as well as cooperation between the two cities.

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