Financial support for innovation center with global influence (2015)


I. Increase input  

1. Increase science and technology expenditures with a worldwide focus, giving priority to a national science center and innovation platforms, and Shanghai’s major strategic projects. Support public science and technology activities and people who have made breakthroughs in innovation or key technology. 

2. Improve the fiscal expenditure mechanism for science and technology in the following ways: a decision making and department coordination mechanism for innovation, planning in scientific and technical innovation resources, improve top design, stop regional segmentation; change government science and technology management, develop a science and technology innovation strategy and review mechanism through institutes, get government departments to increase evaluations, supervision and inspection, and establish an adjustment mechanism for science and technology planning, specific goals and performance, and unify science and technology information management for better sharing and public supervision.

3. Integrate fiscal plans for science and technology in an optimal way based on the following programs: science and technology innovation centers, government science and technology management, a system that covers fundamental frontier science and technology, science and technology innovation support, guiding technology innovation, innovation and entrepreneurial talent, innovation environment development and strategic tasks, separate existing science and technology plans based on fiscal goals, integrate those without a clear function, or that are repetitive. 

II. Respect scientific and technological innovation and improve input

1. Increase stability and sustainability in the following ways: improve competitiveness mechanism for frontier studies, support research institutes in independent planning of scientific research projects, encourage researchers to do original work, boost industry-college-institute cooperation, use scientific research input management in line with results-oriented innovation that focuses on incentive and restraints for new industrial technology R&D organizations, make clarify and evaluate work through strategic cooperation agreements, and support autonomous fund use. 

2. Explore new ways to guide and support in the following: make better use of the market in technical innovation resource and business technology innovation and fund use for activities with clear market demand, support company independence in decision making through risk compensation, -subsidies, venture capital, and angel investment funds, adjust or improve innovative decision-making and organizational model, and increase transfers, transformations, capitalization and industrialization of scientific and technological developments.

3. Improve fund management for competitive scientific research In the following: transfer of scientific research budget approval rights to a lower level, increase funds for scientific researchers, let the budget cover meetings, travel, international cooperation and exchanges within reason, improve fund carry-over and balance management, carry forward surplus money and use it the following year for project implementation, use surplus money for scientific research if a project passes acceptance check and is done by a unit with a good credit ratings. 

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